Thursday, 28 January 2010

Through the Grater This Week

Every Thursday I'll be bringing you the latest news stories that interest me. Thursday seems like a good day; nothing ever happens on a Friday, right?

The week's big news in the film world is the announcement of the 2010 Bafta Nominations. They were, it turns out, even more horrific that the Golden Globes. Plenty of love understandably for An Education and its star Carey Mulligan (who is a given for the Orange Rising Star award). I didn't like the film myself, but not because it was a bad film, more just the kind of viewer I am. It's a good, solid British film with a head turning lead performance that's even doing well in the States, so of course it was going to do well. What wasn't expected was the notice and praise for Nowhere Boy which earned four nominations, two for Best Supporting Actress. It must be the British connection, because that film at best received a lukewarm reception from critics. Following that logic they've put Andy Serkis up for Best Actor as well for Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, which I also haven't seen but have heard Serkis is brilliant in it. As for the two other big runners, The Hurt Locker and Avatar (yawn) both picked up eight nominations each, along with the aforementioned An Education. Thankfully I don't think Smurf Ferngully is going to get very much here, and many of the honours will rightly go Kathryn Bigelow's Iraq War drama. Cameron may sneak Best Director perhaps. I can't believe Jason Reitman wasn't nominated - what a polava! Sadly I don't think Up In The Air will do very well at all - its best chances lie with Best Adapted Screenplay and Anna Kendrick for the Best Supporting Actress award. I have a feeling Colin Firth's going to nab Best Actor for A Single Man, just because he's not going to get the Oscar. I'll do a more detailed prediction closer to the event which takes place on February 21. To end, the most ridiculous nomination has to be Alec Baldwin in the Best Supporting Actor category for It's Complicated. WHAT ARE YOU, NUTS?

In other filmsy news: Andrea Arnold of Fish Tank and Red Road fame is set to direct the new adaptation of Wuthering Heights, which stars the brilliant Ed Westwick and the not so brilliant and quite horrible Gemma Arterton. I've been excited about this project for ages (despite the inclusion of Arterton; the Kathy role was being linked to Natalie at one point. Can you imagine: Natalie and Chuck Bass!), but not pumped about who's in the director's chair. This is a very different film for Arnold to be doing, as her two previous ones concentrated on gritty, chavvy, slummy side of Britain. She is the female Shane Meadows. So this is a surprise, and given she has no track record of period dramas - and perhaps she'll bring an original take to it - I shall wait and see what happens here.

In more immediately gleeful news, it's being reported Tim Burton is thinking of remaking Sleeping Beauty, but telling the classic fairytale from the POV of evil fairy Maleficent. Who - I shall declare now - is my FAVOURITE Disney villain of all time. I love her outfit, her demeanour, her castle, her crones, the music that follows her... ahhh it's classic gothic spookiness for kids! Obviously we don't know how much Tim Burton would/will take from the Disney version, but he's sure to relate to it if this does go ahead. I really hope this happens - Sleeping Beauty is one of my absolute faves, even if I was a little disappointed when I re-watched it last year after remembering adoring it so much in my youth. I had those rolled up colouring-in sheets you got in long tubes and everything!

Turning to TV there's a lot of changes happening at 90210. Two major characters are set to leave this year, and just by reading who they are you can tell that their exit is going to be connected, which kind of gives the game away somewhat! I'll be sad to see them go, but to be honest they have been fairly out of the picture this season. The writers said they want to concentrate more on the kids and not so much on the adults, although surely the departure of Harry is going to have an effect on Debbie? Silly, silly writers. But also CLEVER writers! Take note Gossip Girl - quit with the parenting stories! But oh wait, they've gone and done this. Booooo.

Some great news for Supernatural this week though: not only has it apparently been renewed for Season Six, but Ghostfacers are getting their own web spin-off! Huzzah! I must be the single only fan of SN who likes the Ghostfacers. I think they're bloody awesome and the people who don't get them are just fools! Eric Kripke is a genius. Regarding the renewal, it's not that surprising as it's one of the CW's most consistent performers and has a hugely loyal fanbase. But I'm nervous. Kripke only had a five year plan - what next? What if he leaves? I don't want this to go down the route of Charmed, I really, really don't.

I'll finish with some Sundance news. My gurgling favourite The Romantics has been getting its first reviews today (here and here). Not setting things alight, I'm afraid. Still, the things I really, really love never do, le sigh. Katie Holmes seems to be getting a good write up.

But another one of my picks is causing all sorts of controversy - The Killer Inside Me has caused many to walk out, stand up and yell, and go home shaking and crying to their mums. Apparently there's a bit of violence in it or something. Who cares? Casey Affleck's in it and he's wonderful. And there's 'nowt wrong with a bit of publicity.

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