Thursday, 4 February 2010

Through the Grater This Week

Quiet week this week. Almost no TV news to report. This piqued my interest - I don't have access to Syfy and there's no way of telling how good they'll be, but I like the idea. I'm all for fairytale revivals and reinterpretations. In fact I'll be writing a piece about fairytales in the very near future tying in with the release of The Princess and the Frog so keep checking back!

This isn't new news but I only found about it in the last week, so I think that qualifies! A couple of years ago I was introduced to the utter brilliance and hilarity of Summer Heights High, a kind of mockumentary comedic sitcom based in an Australian comprehensive school and focusing on three main characters all played by the comedian Chris Lilley. I gobbled down all the episodes within a week, and then needing yet more found and devoured We Can Be Heroes too (not as good as SHH but still some classic scenes and the rolling lady's story is SO! SAD!). Since then it's been a bit quiet on the Chris Lilley front, but after being reminded me of Mr G and his sheer awfulness this week, I had a look to see what he's been up to. And it's productive news! He's currently developing a new series with ABC Australia, HBO and the BBC called Angry Boys, and it will focus on being a male in the 21st century over 12 episodes. No word of when it will be out yet, but I suspect some time this year. VERY exciting, as I think Chris Lilley is a major talent and shows off such a wicked sense of humour. He also creates wonderfully abhorrent characters, and even though he's promising some new ones here I hope we get to see some past ones, too! Will keep you posted on this.

Onto the movie world, and Sundance has wrapped up for another year. Boooo. But also YAY because now it means we'll actually get to see some of the films as they get picked up and distributed around the world.  Good news for Natalie as Hesher was picked up fairly quickly, and has had largely positive reviews as well. Should be an interesting watch, that one. However, things haven't got better for my top pick The Romantics which has been labelled average, melodramatic, predictable, and should 'switch well to cable'. Ouch. I bought the book by the way - picked it up last weekend from Waterstones and shall start reading it soon. I'm still not giving up on this film, I think it sounds wonderful. The word 'angst' has been bandied about in a few reviews as well, and what can go wrong with perpetual angst?!

As for the winners you can view them all here. Good to see one of my shout outs Winter's Bone win the Grand Jury Prize - it's impressed a lot of people, and I'm looking forward to seeing it when it comes over here. FYI recent winners have included Precious, Frozen River, Primer and American Splendor. Of note, happythankyoumoreplease and Obselidia also picked up awards. Huzzah! No love for The Killer Inside Me, though. HMMMMMMM.

Big news of the week though was the 2010 Oscar nominations. A couple of surprises, but generally what was expected. Lots of love for Avatar, The Hurt Locker and Inglorious Basterds, but good showings from some other solid films as well. Up In The Air gets a fair representation which I am obviously very pleased about. Also really great news for Colin Firth getting the Best Actor nomination (he has a chance), and Meryl Streep for Julie and Julia which I absolutely adored and was one of my favourite films of 2009 - nice to see it getting some recognition from the Oscar dudes. Most lovely surprise has to be for In The Loop though, which bagged a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination. I wasn't sure the Americans would even 'get' that film! Brilliant to see, and I had a little cheer when it was announced. It's a tough category though, and more than likely it won't win. But still - it gets to preface everything with 'Oscar nominated' which is cool. No love for Peter Capaldi here though - bah!
You can see the full list of nominations including all those boring ones no one actually cares about here, and the ceremony itself takes place on March 7. Predictions and endorsements to come. (And I must just say the continued use of the phrase 'Oscar noms' keeps causing me many a chuckle...)

That's all for this week. NOW GO AWAY.

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