Thursday, 11 February 2010

Through The Grater This Week


Just a few items this week which is good because I only remembered it was Thursday a few hours ago! I've been so busy this week, culturemouse has taken a back seat I'm afraid! Hopefully should get on top of things uber soon. Until then to pass the time as you nibble some Cathedral City...

I wasn't going to post this pretty dull piece of casting news as I've never heard of the fella let alone recognise him, but something about it did catch my eye - HE'S PLAYING A NORSE GOD?! This is very odd for Supernatural! I can only assume it's a MWOT thing, and not anything recurring. Still will be interesting though as they've never treaded into this territory before. I guess they could tie it in with the heaven, hell, demons, angels apocalypse story. Shall have to wait and see! No confirmation from the CW on that whispered sixth season, btw.

I was wondering when America's Next Top Model is coming back, and it's finally been announced - March 10. Seems like that's when all the normal CW shows are returning! Of course ANTM is nowhere near as good as the Down Under versions, but could that all be about to change with the hiring of this new judge? Hmmm... got a strange taste in my mouth... think it's the words "ANTM" and "Vogue" going together.... *SPIT* Seriously, does this mean they'll actually start taking the model search seriously now after 13 cycles? The winner last season was brilliant and clearly the best model of the bunch - so maybe this is a new trend?! Scary. Sad that Miss J gets demoted though - even though he/she was useless he/she was still the best useless one on there. And occasionally had something lucid to say. 

Anyhow pics of the finalists on Cycle 14 have just been released - I'll put up my thoughts in a separate post later this week (seriously, I WILL. That fairytale feature is in the works too, I promise!)

In other NTM news, BNTM has a new host in Elle Macpherson - not sure whether this is good news or bad really. She definitely brings a better class to the show replacing Lisa Snowden, but on her guest appearances in other NTWs she has come across as a bit wooden and lacking in substance. She's all hair. I really liked Lisa as well, even though she could only offer a limited insight she was always really warm with the girls and likeable as a host. I'll reserve judgement on this one (no idea when the next Cycle starts). 
AusNTM has just started auditions for the new Cycle, WAHEY. But no news on my favourite NZNTM yet which is very sad. I rrrreeeeeally hope there is going to be a Cycle 2 and that Cycle 1 wasn't just a throw in the fire. I bloody loved it. Christobelle is one of my many lovers, tee hee.

Anyway I'll finish on a high note - OFFICIAL TOY STORY 3 TRAILER! Yes I may have mentioned from previous teasers I was a bit underwhelmed by what was coming out from the Pixar people, but this has restored my faith in the playful creations. I just love the Ken and Barbie meeting in this! Oh, oh, and after a few watches the voice of the green female rhinoceros was really getting on my nerves because I knew that voice... and it's Kristen Schaal!! Hurray! This is going to be excellent.

That's a wrap for this week! Keep checking back for actual updates coming soon to a small screen in front of you...

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