Thursday, 18 February 2010

Through The Grater This Week

On the highway of news this week the lorry jackknifed and spilled its Supernatural barrel all over the road.

So the big news is that the CW have renewed it for Season Six, but if that wasn't unsettling enough, THIS HAS HAPPENED.

Now don't get me wrong - I love Supernatural and have since the beginning when Dean and Sam were just chubba chubba yes you're cute yes you are chubba chubba *pinches cheeks* but there comes a time when a show that has grown in such maturity, stature and depth has to go out on a high, or risk losing everything it's worked for. No one remembers the shows that pass their peak as fondly as the shows everybody believes should have had another series. And five seasons is plenty good, thank you. There are very, very few shows who continue going from strength to strength at Season Six: I enjoyed Buffy The Vampire Slayer then but I know plenty of people who didn't, Charmed became a mess after Season Four, and then there's One Tree Hill and Nip/Tuck...

Eric Kripke has stated that his five year plan for the show will end after the five seasons, meaning this Season Six will bring a brand new story. A brand new story without Kripke. It makes my (demon) blood run cold. They could take this show anywhere, literally anywhere. I don't see the point in taking it back to its roots because the climax of this season - the flamin' apocalypse - will make that utterly redundant. It would be like a cat going back to cat nip after spending years chasing mice in the wild. No, wherever they take it will have to up this current angels/demons storyline, make things more intense and dramatic, and that's where things can become incredulous and harebrained. Plus with a new person heading the production (even though Sera Gamble has worked on the show since the start) there are risks of continuity errors, of personality anomalies amongst the characters, of situations arising that just wouldn't sit right with the loyal fanbase. Obviously I don't know exactly what's going to happen at the end of this season, and the course Season Six takes will depend heavily on that. Eric Kripke isn't vanishing completely - he'll be overseeing things from a less primary viewpoint, so I like to think if things are seriously going awry then he'll step in to rectify the mess. I love Supernatural and I don't want to see it go as I'll miss it, but I'd rather have the luxury of re-watching classic old episodes again than sitting uneasily through new stuff that has lost the magic.

Oh, and there's this rumour as well, but I don't think we need to worry about that now. Cass is a huge asset to the show and widely popular, so it's not a definite at all.

In other tidbits: Amongst all of that you may have noticed Gossip Girl, 90210 and ANTM have all been renewed for next season which is excellent news for moi. Slightly surprised about GG - they really must be riding on the show's reputation and guilty pleasure worth because Season Three has been shocking thus far. A very big silence coming from the Melrose Place camp though...

Disney are fools and have changed the title Rapunzel to 'Tangled' so they can appeal to the young boy demographic. Who are they trying to kid? It's a girl, locked in a tower in the middle of the woods, with freakish hair extensions. It's BLOODY RAPUNZEL! Fools.

Little bit of fashion news - Miss Selfridge, one of my fave shops, is to create a Gossip Girl clothes line for the Spring to emulate some of the gorgeous bags and dresses from the show, and so everybody out there gets the chance at being Blair Waldorf for the day...le sigh. Should be good, and I'll definitely be getting my token piece from the collection :-)

And one of my favourite TV programmes has just started this very evening on BBC 1 - and it's a bit of an odd addition to culturemouse. MASTERCHEF! That's right - the one where the two blokes shout at each other even though they're a foot apart and there's total silence around them. I love my food, and this is one of my favourite telly indulgences where I can watch people being creative in the kitchen. And I get to porn over all the delicious puddings! Emily from 2008 was my ultimate fave (sometimes I daydream about adding her on Facebook), and I generally always find someone early on in the series who I really follow, and they usually end up becoming a finalist as well so I'm intrigued to see who I'll be fawning over in a few weeks time! Until then expect random outbursts on here about celeriac, coulee and pea foam.

More from the highway next week. What do you mean where's that fairytale piece?! It's coming, it's coming...

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