Thursday, 18 March 2010

Through The Grater This Week


....sorry for my absence guys. I do have three whole trailers for you to watch this week though. Giggady!

One little bit of TV news this week (it's been pretty quiet on the TV front for a while now - I guess everything has been renewed, and all the news is now happening on the screen). This has me very worried because I think we're about to see the end of Bobby :-( Who else could it possibly be? I'll be really upset if they lose Jim Beaver, and it'll make the proposed Season Six even more rubbish. PAH.

 And now a slew of film news because that as always keeps a-comin'. Did I say trailer?

I love this trailer purely because Claire (yes, she's Claire) has her puddings first. Why didn't I think you could seriously do that in restaurants? "Waiter to start I'll have the banoffee pie!"

Bit of casting news - Rose McGowan has been cast in the new Conan film. I've loved Rose ever since she was on Charmed and she doesn't do many films so it's nice to see her picking up some stuff on the back of Planet Terror (I still need to catch up with the final season of Nip/Tuck!). Plus RON PERLMAN is playing Conan's dad, so this is going to be beefy trashalicious.

Seems Greek Gods are very much in at the moment what with Percy Jackson and Clash of the Titans and I'm definitely not complaining (as long as they make an Aeneid film soon. Whaddya mean that's Roman?! Tsch!). Just found out about this upcoming project called War of The Gods. Casting is underway at the moment and while the plot sounds a little tired there's some interesting characters there - Theseus and Phaedra! Wow. Pre falling in love with your son days, but hey I'll take it (I think I'd have a fit if they made a Hippolytus film).

The next news isn't so encouraging. I went to see the excellent Swedish thriller The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo earlier this week (review on its way). Obviously they were going to make an English version of it for the people who can't read, and casting rumours have already started surfacing. I'm fine with the director choice, but Carey Mulligan as Lisbeth? Carey Mulligan is a good little actress, but there's no way she can convey the tortured complexity of the feisty female hacker so impressively brought to the big screen by Noomi Rapace. Absolutely no way.

What's that? You want some sexy lowl action? Then why didn't you say!

The next amazing project I'm looking forward to - like actually might go to one of those one minute past midnight screenings looking forward to - is The Hobbit. I like that they're taking their time with it, but at the same time I wish they'd hurry up and cast some people! Perhaps we're not so far away now after hearing this.

Natalie's schedule just keeps on bulging. Now she's working on a film called Best Buds which I want to like the sound of, but 'stoner comedy'? URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Maybe I just need to see Your Highness first to be reassured, but until then I'm scuffing my shoes against a wall.

Last year I saw a film at the Leeds International Film Festival that's been doing very well down under called Samson & Delilah. I liked it though it had its faults, but now you can judge for yourself as Empire a sneaky clip of the Aborigine love story online. Fight your way to see it in cinemas from April 2. Or don't, it's not that special...

And I'll leave you with the most exciting video to emerge this week - the trailer for Chris Morris' eagerly anticipated Four Lions. Very disappointed I didn't realise it was playing at the Bradford Film Festival earlier as I could be seeing it this weekend. Oh well, at least I got New York I Love You sorted out - huzzah! So here's a comedy crow being blown up for all your enjoyment. No really - poor crow!

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