Thursday, 25 March 2010

Through the Grater This Week

Hey up y'all, it's time for another scour of the electronic rags.

TV news continues to be quiet, so onto the cin-eh-me-ahs. First of all we have an update on the Natalie news I mentioned last week - Best Buds is going ahead, and even more joyous - Ashton Kutcher is going to play the love interest! Hurrah! That's so amazing, they're like the perfect combo. CAN YOU HEAR THE SARCASM YET? On the positive side (yes there's a small one) Ashton Kutcher's in one of my favourite films The Butterfly Effect and he's not too bad in that; he's capable in the role he plays. But in everything else - just gah. And I somehow don't think the stoner comedy genre is going to improve matters [/snob]. Sigh. I just keep reminding myself that she's doing Black Swan... by the way, New York I Love You has been goggled by my good self and I shall be putting my thoughts up here very soon!

Also going back to some other news I mentioned earlier in the year - Tim Burton was thinking of doing a twist on the Sleeping Beauty tale by directing a movie from the POV of Maleficent - my all-time favourite Disney villain. And it looks like that plan is coming into fruition! This is great news - even after all the moaning I did after Alice in Wonderland Burton can still produce the goods, and I can't wait to see what he comes up with for her castle, her minions and her dark kingdom. Eeeeek exciting! You don't get enough foreboding castles in film!

Just like every other billion person on the planet I loved Juno when it came out and didn't give a toss when Jennifer's Body did. Thankfully it looks like Diablo Cody is going back to the genre she coolly reinvented with news of a new film in the works. I'm glad they mention the Sweet Valley High remake/big screen adaptation in that article too because I'm really looking forward to that! ...ahem.

This is an interesting story, and something I'd heard rumours of at the time of its release. Now enough time has passed for the idea to develop: Green Day are turning American Idiot into a film. The original idea to make the album into a musical - somewhere between a happy clappy Broadway showpiece and a rousing dramatic opera - still seems to be going ahead, so the script must be strong enough for producers to think it could be made into a full blown movie. I have very fond memories of this album: it reminds me of my first year at Uni and going to see them perform at the MEN Arena. I nearly got sucked into the mosh pit during "St Jimmy"! I read a fan's interpretation of the songs and how each one relates to the next part of the story and so on - I was only young back then and my greatest musical influence had been a boyband: I thought Green Day were genius! Really looking forward to this; there's some epic tracks on there. Shall keep an eye out for the Broadway reviews next month.

It's funny how being on t'inters can become a mouse clicking visual version of Six Degrees of Separation - especially on Wikipedia, where you intend to look up one thing and then an hour later you've read through eight different relating articles. I was looking up Jeunet on IMDB to check a film, and saw someone had posed the question on his forum board: "what if he directed a live Thundercats movie?" Obviously the idea is ludicrous ("Sacre Bleu! Ho!") but it did get me thinking again about the idea. I have long wondered why no one has done a Thundercats film - I bet you anything there have been scripts bandied about Hollywood over the past ten or so years and they just haven't been good enough or the interest hasn't been there. Look at He-Man! But I did a bit of digging around and I found this article which is dated only a month ago that sounds a bit promising - maybe something is in the works? Hollywood is very much on the superhero wave at the moment, but Thundercats isn't so far removed from all of that cape flouncing about. Do it, I say! Make it terrible but at least do it!

Something a little bit different now - some book news! Yes, I do read!

The long list for the Orange Fiction Prize came out last week and I'm so happy to see a book on there that I have been championing for months (if not to anyone else but myself). It's The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton and I'm still desperate to read it. It's out in paperback now, so I'll definitely be getting myself a copy, and I hope she does well because no author I like ever gets any recognition from the bigwigs! You can see the full list for the Prize here, and the shortlist is announced on April 20.

I was going to finish by putting up the truly shocking video Diana Vickers has made to accompany the lovely 'Once'. But I won't, it's just too hideous.

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  1. hey, thanks for following me. Looking forward to Tim Burton's sleeping beauty! I still haven't seen Alice in Wonderland as I'm in two minds about whether it will be beautiful or over the top. Great blog :) Consider yourself followed.