Thursday, 1 April 2010

Through The Grater This Week

This week culturemouse did a very foolish brave thing and joined Twitter. I'm pretty busy at the moment, and almost certainly chose the wrong time to start up a blog about all my favourite cultural loves, but I am determined to keep it going no matter how sporadically I update! So Twitter for all its evils (I think I just avoid it because it would show up just what a true web addict I am) is a really useful tool to keep you up to date with things I am doing on a day to day basis - and for you to see just how long it takes me from watching a film to actually posting the review up here on the blog....

Anyways, just keep an eye on the ticker to your right! If I haven't updated for a few days you can hunt me down there.

Onto the nooooooos.

Confirmation that David Fincher is going to direct the US remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Says he's looking for an unknown to play Lisbeth too, quashing those Carey Mulligan rumours. I hope this happens - it should be about the character when watching the film, not you thinking: "that's so-so playing the character."

Just when things were getting going with The Hobbit there's been yet another set-back. Gaaaaaah! I really, really don't want this to become one of those films that gets plagued and plagued with problems, given numerous release dates and then sheepishly comes out one March. This is Del Toro doing Tolkien with Jackson - it should be pushed to the front of the queue with people bending over backwards to get whatever it needs to start tranforming into a masterpiece! Now it looks as though we won't get any casting news for a few more months (sigh).

I'm a bit annoyed because I was getting really into the idea of the Burton Maleficent flick, but this casting rumour has stopped me dead in my tracks. Please not Angelina. She is one of the few actresses I make a pointed note to avoid (Cameron Diaz being t'other) because she drums up some heinous monster within me which wants to shriek cacophonously like a banshee and rip people's eyes out. Yes, it's fair to say I don't like the woman. But surely people are associating her with this project because she has the vampy streak about her? She's not the only woman in Hollywood with long billowing black hair you know! Anyway, shouldn't Helena Bonham Carter be doing this?

Now. Check to see if anyone is looking as I'm going to get absolutely mauled over the next piece. But - I must confess - The Iron Man 2 trailer looks frikkin' awesome. Right, ahem, moving on.... 
No but really, I haven't seen the original even though everyone and their robotic arm went on about how good it was, but I must say watching this in the trailers section at the cinema it's bloody impressive. I might even go seek out the damn thing now as I think I want to go and watch the sequel! Mickey Rourke looks incredibly scary. Judge for yourselves below (but as I said it is much more of a spectacle on the big screen):

I think I better end it there so I can vamouse (ho ho) and hide my shame - but actually that's all the news this week anyways. America are going through their pilot TV stage at the moment - or at least entering into the long drawn out affair of picking out the best sweets from the pick'n'mix bag - so a TV news special is imminent (July then?).

Happy Easter folks! And remember the true message: it's not all about chocolate eggs you know. Real eggs have feelings too.

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