Thursday, 15 April 2010

Through The Grater This Week

Back to normal news this week - throw that twinkie away!

Got a lot to get through, so let's hop to it.

I'm becoming increasingly excited about the new Christopher Nolan Project Inception. Nolan of course was responsible for reigniting the Batman franchise and oversaw the massively successful viral campaign for The Dark Knight. But this one is even more cryptic. The teaser trailer's been out for a while now, but still the whole thing has been very vague and hush hush, so unless you're a huge fan of Nolan there wasn't anything there to get excited about. Until now! Yes the director has finally divulged some of the secret details surrounding the film's plot and they sound mighty juicy - thank you to Empire and Digital Spy. Although the heist line doesn't grab me, 'dream and memory' does (Tennessee Williams!) and so does lucid dreaming. I've always been interested in consciousness outside of the unconsciousness - it was the subject of my dissertation (OOBEs) and I've read tons about dreaming, different types of sleep, and how the brain works when the body hibernates. It's such a fascinating and surprising subject, so I just hope we get to see it inventively and powerfully used here. It also reminds me a little bit of Scarlett Thomas' book The End of Mr Y, with the mention of a contraption being used on people to steal their dreams and ideas. It's so promising I could burst - AND it's got Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard in it! Only three months to go, I'm now officially on the wagon and I'm wrestling for the reins!

More gossip and rumour on the US remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - apparently Carey Mulligan is still in the running (stop now love) but there's also new mentions of Kirsten Stewart playing Lisbeth. I've never been an admirer, but looking at her now with her sour puss expressions, if she cut all her hair off she would actually be a pretty good fit. She would need to act her socks off though, to properly convince. This news does come from The Sun I might add...

Some casting news that has caught my eye this week: Scarlett Johansson is doing the 'lost' Stanley Kubrick film! Yay! I didn't even know there was a lost Kubrick film, haha, so that's a very exciting tie-in with one of my favourite actresses. And whilst we're on the subject: I've said it once, and I'll say it again - Eyes Wide Shut is a great film. And Blake Lively has a new film in production too called 'Cover Girl'. Blake's been doing quite a bit of work since making an impact with Gossip Girl and it got me wondering what the lovely Leighton Meester has been up to outside the scandalous world of Manhattan's elite. And quite a bit so imdb tells me! Future projects include The Oranges - a family drama which looks like it involves a relationship with Mr House Hugh Laurie (!); Monte Carlo - a girly film with the gorgeous Katie Cassidy; The Uncatchable Cowgirls of Nottingham, Texas - which sounds amazing on the title alone, and then finally The Roommate, which having now discovered I am all kinds of giddy about. BECAUSE.MATT.LANTER.IS.IN.IT! I love Matt Lanter! And I also love Leighton Meester. And this sounds like a Point Horror novel. I want, I want, I want! But it's not even out in America until next February - gahhhh. However, there is this. Which doesn't help the wanting.

Linking nicely into TV news and Gossip Girl, there's news that Little J - for some unknown important reason - will be missing from several episodes next season. It's not a huge loss - the Jenny/Nate/Serena storyline at present is a huge bore, and it's a shame because Jenny can be quite interesting when the focus is on her fashion designing. I can think of a good few other characters they could drop down a black hole, though. Like Lily and Rufus. 

And now onto something that is deeply depressing and very frustrating - the possible demise of Damages. There's quite a bit of movement with this story, so get comfortable. First off - the first season a couple of years back was an incredible success. The pilot was the most watched programme on cable TV in history, and it went on to win three Emmys and a Golden Globe. It was worthy of it, too - Season One of Damages is one of the most perfect boxes of television you will ever, ever come across. Whilst Season Two was all kinds of mess, the current Season Three has been riveting so far and the finale next week can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. But it could also be the last ever episode of the show.

It's one of those shows that does better on DVD than on actual television, and so part of the reason it's under threat is because the viewing ratings are so poor. And it's a classy, stylish programme as well with brilliant writers that obviously means it costs a lot of money to make. And FX don't like to be 'wasting money' that way. The owners of the programme, Sony, were said to be in talks with Direct TV to keep Damages on FX for a fourth season, but now this chance looks like it's had cold water poured all over it. I can understand in these 'economic times' why FX are forcing this situation, but at the same time I'm furious about it because Damages is one of the most exciting, unpredictable and challenging programmes on TV anywhere at the moment, and has offered up some fantastic iconic characters such as Patty Hewes and Arthur Frobisher. How can shows like this be dumped and rubbish like Smallville go on for ten seasons? If FX isn't the place for Damages then any number of stations should be jumping up and down waving their arms to nab it. This is an astonishingly good show, and there are so many more twisty turn-y stories to tell, so much more of the Patty-Ellen story arc to explore. PLEASE SOMEONE SAVE THIS SHOW! 

Show your support here. We know it's pointless, but hey, once it changed the Christmas No.1.

If you've been looking at my Twitter feed lately (self reference, ahem) you'll have seen my delight over Dhruv winning Masterchef last week. He won over my stomach ever since he made jenga chips a couple of weeks ago! I was so pleased for him because not only did he make the yummiest looking Indian food, he also went to the best overseas restaurant 'De Librije' whose food I was in awe of (and if you look at the menu on their website under the vegetarian menu they have a dish called 'Trick with an egg'!), he FED THE DUCKS, and he was just generally lovely and humble, so YAY for Dhruv! I was looking forward to visiting his emerging restaurant, but now it looks as though Gordon Ramsey has snapped him up. Ah well, I could always go and request Dhruv cooks all my food or I'll tip the table over. I may get the chance to see him anyway if the finalists' idea of a pop up restaurant takes off. Tbh, I just like the phrase 'pop up restaurant'. I'd go to one of those no matter who was cooking at it!

In other Masterchef morsels, if you were a fan of Alex (enemy! enemy!) and his goat's cheese ice cream, then you can follow his future adventures on his blog. And if Stacey Beehive was more to your taste, she's set up her own online bakery where you can order a range of puddings and cakes, including brilliantly enough, Kate Cupcakes. BIG FLAVAS!

And now a little music to finish - the new single from the band I'm obsessed with at the moment. Enjoy!

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