Friday, 23 April 2010

Through The Grater This Week

In case you're wondering why this is a day late, I wrote the entry yesterday and then lost it all. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS. Anyway, lesson learnt on using the work computers, back to blogging at home...

And don't I just love it when new promo lands on my metaphorical desk?

Yes, the build up to Pretty Little Liars continues (June 8! Get it in your diaries!) with this little piece over at E!. And the biggest WOOP to come out of that is - HOLLY MARIE COMBS IS GOING TO BE IN THE SHOW! A-mayzing! I did not know this! This is great news at culturemouse. I did some digging around (well, more like scrambling around with my little hands in my case) and found this article to say she joined the show on April 10 (hmph, some bad reporting from me there), and she will be playing the role of Aria's mother, one of the 'pretty little liars' from the show's title. I would say that's an integral key role and we're going to see lots of her about *big grin*. It's so wonderful to have HMC back on our TV screens! Whilst she wasn't my favourite Charmed sister, she was definitely the best actress and she had by far the coolest power. And all this news means Pretty Little Liars is now going to be unmissable TV for me this Summer. Bring it on!

In other TV news (as that's where we're starting this week) there's more love to try to save Damages from the axe. Todd Kessler has come out this week to say he wants another series and that Sony will do everything it can to try and make that happen. And the first of the cast has come out in support of a Season Four too. It can't be long before we hear the thoughts of Glenn Close and the lovely Rose Byrne (who I'm glad to see has been getting a lot more plaudits for her performances lately). On a personal note, I watched the Season Three finale earlier this week and they have tied up all the loose ends (albeit in some cases rather hurriedly) and it's been left in such a way that would feel like a satisfactory conclusion to the show - no cliffhangers or outstanding questions. But there is still potential, and Damages is always going to inspire the best writing and starry cameos and characters. I just don't want the plug pulled as I'm still enjoying the bath!

Sera Gamble has been speaking for the first time this week about Season Six of Supernatural - yes, that extra spawned season we're not sure about. I draw comforts from some of the things that she's said about wanting to bring the show back to its origins and concentrate more on the Winchester family - thank God she's not trying to up the apocalypse and push the limits of extremity further. And there's no danger of the show slipping back to Season One quality either as the characters have progressed so much since then and the dynamics between the central few are so well versed now that any story would possess real depth, humour and pathos, just because we know them so well. But I'm not sure how much there is left to explore between Sam and Dean. They've been through the wringer these past five seasons and I'm not sure how much more underlying angst and end of episode heart to hearts by the Impala I can take! It would be nice perhaps to concentrate on the boys' futures and how that might divide them- be a nice way to finish of the show as well. But they need to keep Cas and Bobby, that's a definite. And bring back Daddy Winchester! I really don't want another off-camera contracts issue affecting the show just like Shannen Doherty could never return on Charmed.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I gave up on Glee. The UK squealing and fawning has likened it to a bad smell I don't want to go anywhere near. And I've given up caring anyway.

Few filmy post-its:
- This has pleased me very much indeed. Robert Downey Jnr, Oz... can you get a better pairing than that?! It just sounds right. I really hope this happens. Sam Mendes too! Hee! Imagine Oz being turned into a claustrophobic eccentric suburbia. I'm there! (Oh, and they can make the rest of those Oz films while they're at it. You can never have enough of such a wonderful fantasy place.)
- One of Natalie's future projects (for the girl has many) has taken a leap forward by getting a director attatched - a director I'm not particularly enthused by either, if you go by his back catalogue. Natalie will be pleased though - she bloody loved Superbad. Quietly looking forward to this one because it sounds like a straight rom-com that Natalie hasn't really indulged in yet - and she's playing opposite Brad Pitt too. Could be mega if the director has an on-day.

Also, Cannes revealed its 2010 line up this week (well, a week ago now!) and I'll be posting my thoughts a little later before the event kicks off next month. And also as a quick mention, the line up has also been announced for the Hay-on-Wye literary festival. In my eyes it's yet another boring ensemble, but there may be someone of interest to you, so if you want to have a nosy and book tickets you can do so here.

I'm going to end on some more Pretty Little Liars promo - because I just can't wait! And it's the voice of The Movies too...

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