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ANTM Cycle 14: Overseas, baby!

I meant to do a post before this Cycle began about my thoughts on the girls (as I like to pick a potential winner beforehand) but, erm, didn't, so here's me doing a mid season write up on who I'm liking and who I can't waaaaait to go! I have to say this hasn't been one of my favourite cycles - the girls have been a hot mess this time around, and no one has really stood out to me. There's been dramarama of course, but the American version is still a long way behind its down under versions. And saying that, guess where the remaining girls have jetted off to on their overseas part of the show? New Zealand! I'm really excited about this for the hope they will feature the winner of the first ever cycle of NZNTM last year, Christobelle. Because I love her. She is perfection.

....sigh. I'll be squeeing all the way to the runway if she appears! Although knowing ANTM they won't even mention there's a Top Model in New Zealand. Bahhhhhh. (I'm still waiting for Cycle 2! Cycle 1 was this time last year but I think we'll have to wait until Autumn before we see the next lot of girls. Just as AUSNTM has been delayed as well because Sarah Murdoch's just had a baby. Oh the inconvenience!)

So back to ANTM. As we fly down under we're down to the final six. My faves (Ren and Simone) left a while ago, so there's no one I'm really passionate about winning as we head towards the stomp to the death finale. Still I've done my top six in order as I would like to see it unfold: based on their quality as burgeoning models, not just on who spews rainbows (fnarrr). So who do I want flying back to America first? Check out below...

6. Angelea
Ugh, this biatch! I don't like her at all, and if she didn't take passable photos then she wouldn't still be here.
She reminds me a lot of Tiffany from Cycle 4 (yes, yes, the one that Tyra screamed at. Go and You Tube it): a girl who has been through "so much" and professes to be over it, yet is still clearly very angry. At everything.
The way she expresses herself and communicates towards others is sheer awfulness, and there is no way a credible model would talk the way she does. What I hope will be her undoing will be the Cover Girl advert (next week I think?) where she'll have to lose the street yapping and learn a bit of elegance and charm for the camera.
But hopefully she'll be gone by then. (probably not though as Tyra luuuuuuuurves her. Blargh)

5. Krista
I must say Angelea's the only girl I really dislike, so from here on in it's who's the more interesting, likeable and appealing.
Krista comes bottom of the list. She takes nice photos, but she's not my kind of model at all so I was never really going to warm to her. I like the quirky ethereal faces, and she plays either very classic (her photo left) or very harsh (the last photoshoot where she channelled Grace Jones... and then won photo of the week).
She does, I concede, have absolutely flawless skin that I am completely envious of.
She will make the top 3.

4. Jessica
I really, really want to like Jessica but there's something whiffy about her. Perhaps it was the attitude she showed a couple of weeks ago at panel (although what's the fine line between standing up for yourself and being defensive?), or perhaps it's the way the show has been edited lately to make her look like a stirring little gossip. Either way it's probably not her fault at all, and she's a lovely person.
She is a bit bland in face and person though - her look is very girly, cutesy American and she will ace all the Cover Girl and Seventeen work they have coming up, but as for progress once the show ends - if she wins the cycle - she would need to edge up fast to get more editorial work for the bigger magazines and campaigns. She has the potential - she does take great photographs and is willing to go all out for the killer pose.
It's between her and Raina for a place in the final 3.

3. Alasia
My, this girl is annoying! She is one of the most scatter brained contestants I think I've ever seen on ANTM - she was hilarious last week when she was late going down to the limo and she was muttering about how no one had told her they were leaving, when it clearly showed Raina telling her she had five minutes to get ready before they go! And then she paced about for ages jabbing the lift button before she thought about taking the stairs! She's definitely got that model divaness already ingrained into her. Her young age shows too, as she's very empty headed and her emotions are very shallow.
But she takes gorgeous photos, and that's why she's so high in my list. Well - she either takes terrible photos or amazing ones - she looks pretty in them all, but sometimes vacant. When she nails it she's the best of the lot of them, and that's why she's had so many first time call outs.
Whether she'll make the final 3 will depend on Tyra, I think, and how she views Alasia's commitment to the competition as she is always late and sometimes unfocused during a shoot. As the numbers whittle down these failings are going to become more and more apparent, so she's either going to be gone very soon or she'll be there to the end. I wonder if her pictures will save her? The new Vogue judge seems to love her, too.

2. Alexandra
Wow, this list has done wonders to clarify things - I never realised that Alexandra was my second favourite at this stage!
Of all the plus sized models that have been on ANTM Alexandra has one of the most enviable figures - I think she looks gorgeous, especially when she wears her hair down. I think she's also come out very favourably here because she hasn't been involved in any of the drama in the house. She doesn't appear to be on any 'side', and she has remained fair and neutral all the way through. (Anonymous at times!) But last week when she was really down on her luck and lacking confidence I really warmed to her, and was surprised and pleased when she was saved in the bottom two and got to fly to New Zealand.
This week will make or break her - it's her one last chance to improve, or she'll be going home. I really hope she sticks around, 'cos she's the sanity in all this madness!

1. Raina
Oh, Raina. I fear she is the new Jenah. Not that I love her as much as I loved Jenah (I still get quite impassioned when discussing her elimination!) - Raina has become the best of a mediocre bunch - but she has consistently taken excellent pictures, and is one of those contestants that doesn't need to be told how to model, she already gets it. Unfortunately, that also means she hasn't been on a 'journey', and Tyra LOVES JOURNEYS. So in the next couple of weeks watch as she begins to nitpick Raina's performance, when the girl herself will be doing nothing wrong, and be eliminated the week before the final. Just watch!
But other than a less than attractive bit of gossiping with Jessica and Brenda, I think Raina has been great this season and she'll go on to do well from the show whatever happens.

At this stage I'm really pushed to pick a winner, but I'm thinking either Krista or Angelea. Although if Raina can get to the final two then I think she has an excellent chance of winning, because based on fairness her portfolio is going to be very strong. But as always, what Tyra wants, Tyra gets. So whoever she's liking in the next couple of weeks - whoever can impress her with their soap opera speeches and emotional tears - will win the competition. And then hopefully we can get on with the better stuff!

**NB: I wrote this piece in the week and then before I could edit and publish it I became ill and blogging just wasn't on my radar. Now I'm feeling better again I can post this - but the first New Zealand elimination has already happened! But, so not to spoil things, I'll just post this as it was written last Tuesday**

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