Thursday, 27 May 2010


Hey guys, sorry for the recent no show, I've been cooped up in my mouse hole again.

Through the Grater will be back very shortly - it's just been so slow this last couple of weeks there hasn't been much point doing an entry. But things should have accrued by now!

I've also been busy trying to cram in all my season finales from across the pond, and I'll be doing an entry shortly on who gaveth the best ending. Needless to say there was lots of tears, dropping of the jaw and yelling at my laptop screen. Which is new, btw, as my old one died last weekend. Here's to fond farewells and new beginnings, eh? Speaking of new beginnings - the networks have all announced their fall line ups as well, so no doubt I'll be ruminating on that soon enough.

Decided to scrap going to see A Nightmare on Elm Street remake because the reviews for it were so dire. Other than that it's still very quiet on the cinema front - but The Killer Inside Me is out next week. Squee!

Oh, and I've just read my first Pretty Little Liars book, and I'm about to start my second. They're so incredibly awful it's quite embarrassing really - a read inside only range of books I feel - but they're easy to chomp through, and of course dazzlingly entertaining. Only a couple of weeks to go before the show starts!

Got a few more treats up my sleeve for the lovely blog too. Well, if mice had sleeves...


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