Saturday, 8 May 2010

Through The Grater This Week

Ha. I purposely delayed this a week so I could bulk it up with more news stories, and I have added a grand total of ONE to that list. It's mainly Natalie and GG news this week, but there's quite a lot to get through so let's hop to it. And I have an exciting trailer to finish off with as well! Oh yes I do...

I'll start with TV because the only news I've got this week that interests me is about Gossip Girl. We're into finales season now, peeps! So a lot of stuff that's coming out of the States at the moment is very spoiler heavy, and for want of giving myself a few surprises to look forward to in the next fortnight I'm avoiding reading a lot of the articles. But I read this one as it concerns a character leaving for a few episodes, and the reason is pretty s/e if you've been watching GG recently anyway. And it's not overly life changing - Vanessa's going to disappear for a few episodes (as is Little J) - seemingly this will tie in with her going to that writing school or whatever she's doing. Vanessa has always been majorly dull, so I won't miss her one bit. I don't hate her as much as some of the GG crowd, but she certainly don't add an awful lot. The other news does concern the Season Three finale, but it's not very specific on the spoilers so I think it's safe to read here. The big story at the moment is daddy Serena faking Lily's cancer so he can wrangle his way back into the family (yawwwwn - PARENTS GO AWAY!) and apparently this is going to be of some relevance come the final episode in a couple of weeks time. A Dan storyline is going to affect Nate and Serena - pleeeeeease not another Serena and Dan angsy getting back together number! I won't be able to take it! - and the most interesting - a big Chuck and Blair moment on the Empire State Building. Of course I'm immediately thinking someone might jump (isn't that always the case regarding the Empire State Building?), but that doesn't make any sense presently with their storylines so it's probably something else. What I'm most intrigued about is the 'game changer' comment - it bloody better be a game changer because my interest in this show is dropping fast. If it can pull a stellar finale out of its couture pocket and provide an absolute humdinger of a cliffhanger then I'll be right back in there. But it's going to have to shake things up drastically. In turn, I keep hearing so many things about the "nutso" finale of 90210, which I'm struggling not to read too much about because I want to be spoiler free! I know a little though. It's not entirely surprising, but if you don't want to know - SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH! But needless to say Annie didn't kill the homeless man at all, and her 'pressing guilt' that's 'tormented' her all season has all been for nothing. But I don't actually know any more than that, other than things get very bad for Naomi (sob) so I'm very much looking forward to being nutso-ed out.

Still got that exciting trailer to come! After...

Lots of Natalie news this week, which is always welcome! Firstly, something to point out which is going to be VERY confuzzling for the next few weeks/months. Natalie's film with Ashton Kutcher was originally to be called Friends With Benefits, a script which had been 'Black Listed' in Hollywood for ages - for so long in fact that a couple of other films have been written since with exactly the same title, and around the time this project finally came into being with Natalie and Kutcher attached and Ivan Reitman directing another of the films of the same title was also given the green light, and you can't have two films with the same name coming out at the same time! So Natalie's film has dropped the said title, and currently goes without a name. So we'll just have to refer to it as the Natalie-Kutcher project for the time being, which is slightly annoying but never mind! So anyway, there's been a few cast members added to the mix. Greta Gerwig has signed on to play Natalie's best friend in the film - I've never heard of her, but apparently she was in Hannah Takes The Stairs, a film I remember being interested in but was eventually put off by the poor reviews; and Baghead which is a cool premise/silly execution kind of horror movie which came out last year. She's also in the new Greenberg film which comes out very soon and is getting good hype. So she's a bit of an unknown, but the other addition isn't: Olivia Thirlby is to play Natalie's sister! Yaaaaaaay, I love Olivia Thirlby in case I haven't already mentioned enough times! She's good friends with Nat having appeared in her directorial debut Eve a while back (and which I still haven't seen, grrr). So this is excellent news, and helping me cope with the presence of Mr Kutcher.

There's also been some other Natalie news this week, which although sounds really promising and has SQUEEEE potential, when you read further you realise it's just speculation. She's been mentioned in a - long I must stress - list of actresses who are interested in the Lisbeth role in David Fincher's US remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I think this would be amazing - a kind of matured throwback to her role in Leon back when she was just a little 'un. I think she would do the role justice as well. But it's interesting to look at the other names included on that list. Anne Hathaway for one, would be a surprising but a good choice I think, especially having re-watched Rachel Getting Married recently. She would do a superb job, although I do wonder if she's a bit too pretty. Ellen Page is an obvious choice, as is Scarlett Johannsen and Keira Knightley (they're probably linked with everything). A nice mention for Olivia Thirlby (again!) - this could be a good breakout role for her. Not Mia Wasikowska though - I thought she was rubbish in Alice in Wonderland.

And now last of the Natalie news - we have our first picture of Thor! Take a look:

Not much to go on, but it's looking rugged! Can't wait 'til we see some proper pics from the set.

Nearly at the trailer now! 

A few other bits and pieces: there's going to be a Monsters, Inc. 2 which I'm really excited about! I lovvvved Monsters, Inc., even though the scene at the end with Boo and Sulley makes me bawl every time. Boo is one of my favourite Pixar characters, which is quite odd as she's a human! She absolutely has to be in the sequel (but NOT a teenager). Hopefully we'll get lots of new monsters too!

And Rose Byrne has got a new film coming out (no not Get Him To The Greek - urgh!) called The Astral. It's a horror movie which sounds like it could be quite freaky, or absolute shit as is the case with demonic children. But as long as it's not Knowing then we may be alright!

Finally, it's Cannes this week, and for the past few days I've been waiting for the bloody website to update its film selection so I can half a degree of knowledge of what I'm talking about when I come to write the preview! "It'll be up a week before the festival starts," the website promised, but LIED. I think it finally went up yesterday, so hopefully I'll have that up before things kick off with Robin Hood on Wednesday. Not that anyone cares about that, heh.

And now something VERY exciting - that trailer I've been prattling on about. It's for The Killer Inside Me! Yup, the Sundance woman offending new shocker from Michael Winterbottom that I am desperate to see - it's my only sanctuary at the moment in a world full of horrible plastic blockblusters. I've been expecting the trailer for a while now as the release date is for June, and it's finally here! I must say, it's fairly tame and low key, but the part where he gently slaps Jessica Alba's face with black gloves sets you uncomfortably on edge. See what you make of it below, and I'll be back with more news next week.

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