Friday, 25 June 2010

A Feast of Trailers

To make up for my absence, here's a flurry of new trailers to get excited about.

*cough* OSCAR! *cough*
I must read the book before the film is out at the end of the year. I love a good eerie boarding school tale, and Kazuo Ishiguro is a brilliant writer - The Remains of the Day was one of my favourite books to study at Uni.

I love everything that Sofia Coppola has done (yes, all three of them) and she's one of these directors who only releases a film every two or three years, so each one is an event and usually brilliant. This looks lovely, but very similar to Lost in Translation. Out early 2011.

OK - I've been taken in by how effortlessly cool this looks, even though Michael Cera is playing the same character aaaagain. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Plus, Anna Kendrick's in it. I am getting such a girl crush on that cutie. Out August 13.

This looks like a cross between The Orphanage, A Tale of Two Sisters and Hide and Seek. It's Dutch so I'm hoping it's good, but the trailer does look very stylised, and seems to show all the scariest moments of the film! But apparently it's supposed to be a good 'un. Says the horror buffs in the know.

This looks devoid of any substance at all, and I'm really hoping there's a decent plot buried somewhere in all that CGI. Still, I'll go and see it because I enjoyed the previous two, and there's a talking mouse in it. culturemouse likes this! Out Christmas.

There's no accounting for the mess they've made with this - it just looks horrible! Why have they screwed with such a classic fairytale that could have been pure Disney magic by trying to appeal to the young boy demographic, who are clearly not going to see this anyway unless their mothers drag them? Bah. Oh, I'll go see it anyway.

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