Friday, 25 June 2010

Loss of Power

Hello everyone. No I have not buggered off. Unfortunately and annoyingly, my new laptop of, oh only four weeks, BROKE last week so it's in the process of being repaired/exchanged. So therefore I haven't been able to do any culturemouse for a bit which is very sad as I was three quarters of the way through my US 2010 finales review when it broke, and now it's been severely delayed. But rest assured it is on its way - I should get a new laptop by this weekend hopefully. Although, another delay is also pressing as I move house early next week - eeee! It's very exciting but also means everything will suddenly become very crazy as not only do we have to move everything and clean the old flat, the new house is also a DIY uber project so I can foresee my summer being filled with carpets, wallpaper, paint, tiles, doors, plaster, and occasional exciting trips to IKEA. Which is probably just as well as there's no TV on (except for Pretty Little Liars, which is good funz), all the films in the cinema are horrific (I did however see The Killer Inside Me the other day which I shall review shortly) and the theatre blackout comes into effect in the next couple of weeks. So there is absolutely NOTHING else to be doing. Save for Edinburgh in August which is always a delight.

So apologies again, but I'm hoping to get a couple of pieces out before I pack my life into lots of lots of boxes.


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