Friday, 23 July 2010

A New Mousing Hole

Good news everyone! I've taught the house to have internet.

Actually I've had the internet for a couple of weeks now. What a lazy mouse I've been! The longer break I have from my blogging the more stuff just piles up. Well it's time to rub my tiny hands together and get to it, 'coz there's lots to talk about and too much stale cheese to wade through.

Firstly, a treat. A lovely fresh new look to the site thanks to the new Template Designer from Blogger Buzz (I promise not to go on about how much better WordPress is anymore. I love you, Blogger). It's hard to find a background which fully reflects everything I bang on about, but this was quite shiny, and rest assured I'll be changing it around every few months anyway as they add more and more content.

Also you may have noticed a new look at the top of the blog - and a mysterious "Is it out yet?!" titled tab which says 'coming soon'....oooooOOOOOoooo... it's almost like Lost. But what it is really is a place to put all the exciting new films that are coming out over the next few months when I first hear about them at festivals, so when (if) they get their actual release date I won't forget about them. I mentioned putting one up a while ago, so here it is! Well, soon. And I'll probably change the title as well, as it's a bit naffingtons.

What else?... well, I'll finally get round to posting my review of the 2010 season finales - not that anyone cares now! Still a good while away from the autumn start up dates though, so hopefully this will read as a nice PREVIOUSLY EVERYTHING THAT WAS HAPPENING ON THIS SHOW piece.

Have a very, very delayed review of The Killer Inside Me to come also, as well as my thoughts on Inception and Toy Story 3. Hurray, the cinemas have started to get interesting again!

I'm also going to try and talk a bit more about books and the theatre, because I'm letting the side down just focusing on the screen based stuff. So hopefully a more cultured experience awaits you....when I get round to it all.

Ahhh, it's nice to be back!

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