Sunday, 1 August 2010

Through The Grater: Catch Up

See that's the problem with disappearing for weeks on end - having weeks on end of news to sift through. Jeez. Thank God I love this nattering stuff. And that bullet points exist.

  • Damages has been saved! Hurrah!...I think. Seasons 4 and 5 will be shown by DirecTV in 2011 and 2012 and have 10 episodes each. Whilst this is great news in some respects (why should a quality show like Damages be axed after three seasons and Smallville still be running after ten blah blah blah), I do find the set up to be limited on this programme, and the success of it entirely dependent on the main legal case Patty is fighting. 10 episodes is a good solid number though - I think I can stick with it for that.
  • There's been a bit of a plot explosion over on 90210. Whilst seemingly having their plates full with Naomi's rape, Annie's murder confession, the school possibly on fire, and Silver and Teddy existing, we also have an earthquake, a court case, an older guy romance and a gay outage ala Gossip Girl to look forward to. It's got to be Teddy, hasn't it? He's called Teddy for christsake.
  • Speaking of GG, the cast have been busy filming the first few episodes of Season 4 in Paris. Plenty of pics have come out to majorly hint at upcoming storylines this season, but I have been much more interested in what Blair has been wearing.

Look how god damn pretty she is! I WANT THAT WHOLE OUTFIT NOW!
  • And some good news for moi and the redundant Katie Cassidy - she's just signed onto Gossip Girl to play a new love interest for Nate. YAY! Hopefully she can bring some charisma and sparkle to the screen when the two of them are together.
  • And then onto Supernatural, which has been getting a lot of coverage of late thanks to the Comic Con panel last weekend - you can get a full lowdown of events here. It's about as much as I expected really - not a lot to be positive about. The buzzwords seem to be "reinvention" and "a return to Season One" - I don't want a return to Season 1! Season 1 was awful! Why do you want to cart us back there, Sera Gamble? Pffffft. Oh, and have I mentioned there's a fairy episode yet?  But still, there are a few things to look forward to - Jensen Ackles directing for one. I thought something like this might happen - it feels like they've wrapped the overarching storyline up and now they've been given free reins with this 'extra' season to pretty much do what the hell (lolz) they want. It could end up being a load of pointless nonsense that doesn't mean anything. But there again I've been thinking - would we really want the last EVER closing shot of Supernatural to be Dean settling down with stupid Lisa and her stupid kid? Maybe this Season 6 malarkey ain't such a dumb idea...


  • A while ago and on a completely different blog that I think no longer exists, I wrote a piece on how excited I was about ABC possibly turning Fables into a TV series. That sadly never came to anything, but it looks as though a screen adaptation of the graphic novels hasn't completely died - now there's new talk about a film. I don't mind what format it comes out on really, as long as something's made. Can't really say anything for David Yates as I'm not a Harry Potter fan, but he's British and well respected so at least he wouldn't balls it up ala a McG or Michael Bay.
  • And on the subject of twisted fairy tales, this story was so similar I thought they actually meant Fables! But curiously this is about a different graphic novel altogether - Legends. It's a kind of Kick Ass development where the film rights have already been secured before the publication itself is released (although it has been released now...d'oh!). It's a big coup, too - Ron Howard's production company snapping it up. It's still in the early stages, but with an intriguing storyline (who killed Pinocchio?) and a dark fantasy, magical setting this could be an even tougher interpretation than Fables, and it would be great it they both make it to the big screen so we can enjoy pitting them against one another.
  • Another bit of news which looks very exciting is word that Disney is prepping a new film about scary stone gargoyles. No, not shiny happy cartoon Disney - the arm of the studio that is responsible for Pirates of the Caribbean. So don't expect it to be *too* scary - but it should be a lot of fun, as long as they don't sentimentalise it too much and throw annoying kids in there. Googling this film made me come across this too - a 1990s cartoon by Disney also called Gargoyles but that has no relation whatsoever to the big screen version in the works. How have I never heard of this programme?! Around that time I was really into my cartoons - Thundercats, Turtles, Zelda, X-Men. I would have loved this! But my digging shows it was never broadcast over here - more's the shame because I would have leapt on it. And another thought as my brain wanders - when are they going to make a film of Andrew Davidson's amazing first novel? I remember looking for a film as soon as I'd finished reading it a couple of years ago, certain there would be something as it was just so epic and cinematic to read. But there was nothing. And there still is nothing.
  • Trailer time! Woody Allen's new one (I know, it is hard to keep up... this is the one with Naomi Watts and Josh Brolin in) - You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger.

Blimey it looks awful! But it has had good reviews, so...

  • Onto The Hobbit where it's generally been assumed that Peter Jackson will be directing. I'm more disappointed about this than I thought I would be. Peter Jackson's ace, he was responsible for the trilogy being made in the first place, but I think it's his last couple of misfires, especially The Lovely Bones which has made me go right off him. Plus I really wanted to see a fresh take on Middle Earth and I fear this will just end up being an extension of Jackson's world. Still no word on a cast either - this could end up being one of those badly hindered films that never recovers. But let's hope not.
  • An update on some Jason Reitman projects that have been announced (just because the man can do no wrong at the moment, I can't miss a single film) - Elliot Allagash is the new one he'll be producing if not directing. Amazon compares the book - which isn't out here in the UK until next week - to Heathers, Election and Napoleon Dynamite - all treasured films within my DVD collection. Sigh, if only he was doing Prep...
  •  And now let's link up several of the stories I've just mentioned with an update on Guillermo Del Toro, who's had his reins cut now he's left The Hobbit. He has a bundle of projects up his sleeve so the only question is what to tackle first? Well at Comic Con he broke rank again and added a new one to his ever growing list - an updated version of The Haunted Mansion, which will be a Disney made film based on the brand's signature theme park, but will be "scary". So maybe scarier than the Eddie Murphy version but not The Orphanage scary. But he made it clear he would be solely producing this film, and his next directing feature would be a horror. But he didn't mention what it would be - Frankenstein perhaps? His dark, apparently Nick Cave inspired, take on Pinocchio? Jekyll and Hyde? Could be any of those - but definitely not At The Mountains of Madness as he recently admitted it will never happen due to Hollywood dislike of an unconventional plot and a less than settled ending.  BUT OH WAIT NOW HE'S NOW GOING TO DO IT. Yup, out of absolutely nowhere, Del Toro has now not only cemented the Lovecraft film will be made, but it will also be his next offering. Talk about veiled words! The only downer? The inclusion of James bloody Cameron as producer. Just don't let him near the script and it'll be fine!
  • Now for a better trailer - eagerly awaited Sucker Punch. Just don't try to understand it.


  • I'll finish with what Natalie's been up to. The big news is that Black Swan has been named as the opening film of this year's Venice Film Festival, which is hardly surprising but still fantastic to have it confirmed. The festival which starts next month is bound to lead to the trailer release as well which I can't wait for. This is officially the most exciting film Natalie has done in yonks and yonks and yonks, and I have really high hopes of it doing well in awards season. Very little is still known about the plot, but some pics have been leaking. Get a load of supernatural Natalie!

Freaky deaky eyes! Black Swan opens in the USA on December 1 so we should get it soon after.

  • The other biggie is Thor which was one of the main highlights and draws to this year's Comic Con. Natalie was there along with the rest of the cast to do a panel, interviews and present footage and a sort of trailer for the 3D action adventure set partly on earth and partly in Asgard. The trailer has found its way online, and into my laptop, but unfortunately - and I feel I have to whisper here - it's awful. Truly awful. Not only does it look incredibly ill-conceived and dull, it looks like it has bloody Transformers in it. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh Natalie maybe this was all a terrible, terrible mistake... I think Marvel are very touchy about it because the trailer's now been pulled from every site that was hosting it, so I'm unable to post it here (not a real shame). Hopefully all this negative reaction will make them sit up and realise they have a lot of work to do in that editing suite. A LOT of work to do.

 News of Venice Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, The Man Booker Prize and Pretty Little Liars to come shortly, but that's the round up of everything interesting that's been happening in the world lately. I can go have a Crabbie's now - phew.

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