Thursday, 19 August 2010

Through The Grater This Week

Let's, as ever, start with a trailer. This is just the kind of film I wouldn't touch with a barge pole, except for it has the lovely Reese Witherspoon in it, who always seems to get the romcom just right - slightly quirky interesting scripts and always a warm engaging chemistry with her hater/lover. I don't think I've ever seen a Reese Witherspoon film I've disliked. This one's for How Do You Know.

To put a persistent rumour to bed - Natalie won't be playing Lisbeth in the US remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - and neither will Carey Mulligan, Kirsten Stewart or Ellen Page! It will be complete nobody (but soon to be superstar) Rooney Mara. I haven't seen her in anything but I must admit looking at her photos I can't place her against Noomi Rapace. She's going to have to undergo a major transformation. But I also think it's great Fincher has stuck to his guns and picked a newcomer - she's set up for life now. Welcome to the big time, luv!

Something which caught my attention this week and partially excited me - Rose Byrne signing up for the new X-Men film. I can imagine her in a cool and dynamic role like this - having her hair dyed blue or purple, harnessing her super powers... but no. She's playing a scientist instead. It's kind of like Natalie's boring character in Thor - what really is the point?

I'd completely disowned this trailer when it came out, but have since found out it's directed by Ryan Murphy! He may have gone up the shitter recently with Glee, but once upon a time he made great oddball films like Running With Scissors. This looks as cheesy as hell (find yourself overseas, anyone?) but if it's really Ryan Murphy then he'll mix it up a bit and play the non-safe card.

This story makes me think I've missed a trick - so is Jason Reitman definitely doing Diablo Cody's new film, then? Has this been finalised, or is Empire being a bit naughty in getting me hepped up? A film on a par with Juno would be fantastic, though. Hope it happens. And a completely new role for Josh Brolin as well - no guns in sight! (I'm assuming) Oh, and don't look at IMDB - it's confusing as hell. Apparently Cody is writing and directing, and Jason Reitman is part of the cast...!

One of Natalie's upcoming films is Your Highness - check out Nataliedar for all the latest updates on her films including the brand new Black Swan trailer - eeeeeeee! But one of Natalie's co-stars for YH James Franco has had some good news - his new film 127 Hours - directed by Danny Boyle - is closing the London Film Festival this year. Along with Never Let Me Go opening the show, that's two of the most prominent British films on the horizon at the moment, and a really strong start for the festival which announces its full listings on September 8. Still not sold on two hours of a man cutting his arm off, though!

I'm not really one for gritty, crime filled, corrupted police force dramas, but for some reason I'll make an exception for Ben Affleck. Not Ben Affleck the actor (oh no), but as a director he's got some real talent - I loved Gone Baby Gone (no! not just because his brother Casey was in it - tsch..) and the trailer for his new film The Town also looks genuinely good. Plus it has Blake Lively and Rebecca Hall. Take a hit and duck below:

On the subject of Miss Blake Lively, she's been all over the news lately for will she-won't she quit Gossip Girl stories. Word was she was hassling the producers to get Serena killed off (an idea I'm non to opposed to - you know how I fantasise about them all dying horribly) the show, so she could go and pursue her fledgling movie career with turns in The Town and The Green Hornet. Plus she hates everyone on the set, blah, blah, blah. But that rumour was quickly snuffed out by GG's creator Josh Schwartz the day after, so it looks as though she's here to stay. Tbh, I'm finding myself going off Blake Lively. I'm not sure she's as good an actress as I thought she was - the way she hangs her mouth slightly open and tips her head to the side with that narked look of hers is slowly poisoning my brain.

Some gay news to end on. Yes, totally gay! 90210's closet dweller has been revealed - and no-one's surprised. Let alone me who called it weeks ago! If you don't wanna know, then steer that clicky mouse (not me) away for this here linky. Also, here's a sneaky pic of his BOYFRIEND in the upcoming season as well - talk about putting all your plots in one beach basket.

I'm off to the Egginaburger Fringe now to see lots of lovely people including Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, a Patrick Marber play, Sub Rosa, Dave from Flight of the Conchords, Mark Watson (my illegal boyfriend) and many more! So I will return next week with noooooooooos of that.

Oh, and on a separate non-plussed, just occurred to me thought to end on....I'm meeting Guillermo Del Toro in October. As you do.

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