Thursday, 16 September 2010

Black Swan: IT'S GOOD!

Black Swan has now premiered at both Venice and Toronto, and the feedback has been AMAZING. Not only has tonnes of praise been heaped upon the film, but according to more than a few sources Natalie is one of the early front runners for an Oscar nomination next year. EEEEEEEEEEEEE this is more exciting than I can put into words! It's been so long, if ever, that one of Natalie's films has got this much buzz and positivity pre-release. Here's just a snippet of what everyone has been saying:

"Powerful, gripping and always intriguing, it also features a lead performance from Natalie Portman that elevates her from a substantial leading actress to major star likely to be lifting awards in the near future" - The Daily Telegraph

"Best film I've seen all year...Portman must now be favourite for the Oscar" - Obsessed With Film

"a wildly ambitious psychodrama...the film looks bound to win its star, Natalie Portman, plaudits and award nominations for her searing performance" - The Independent

"Centerstage stands Natalie Portman, whose courageous turn lays bare the myriad insecurities genuinely dedicated performers face when testing their limits, revealing shades of the actress never before seen on film" - Variety

"If the film is ultimately too unsettling to snag main prizes, it has at least one nomination in the bag for lead actress Natalie Portman who gives one of “those”’s a mesmerising psychological ride" - Screen Daily

"It’s a triumph in every sense — in Natalie Portman’s mesmeric, Oscar-booking performance" - This Is London

"It builds a gaudy, gothic frame around a disturbing and virtuosic central is hard to imagine that Natalie Portman would not be nominated for best actress" - New York Times

And to top it all off brilliantly - it's coming to the London Film Festival next month and I've applied for tickets to one of the first screenings!! Fingers crossed! Especially as it's been announced the film won't officially release here until February 11th (hmmm, perfect Valentine's material :-)....NOT!)

Natalie also looking lovely in her Venice and Toronto launch dresses - breathy siiiiiigh.


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