Sunday, 3 October 2010

Australia's Next Top Model Is... Sophie!

....probably. Who knows?

As you may have seen on my Twitter feed, AUSNTM completely bollocksed up their live finale this week by announcing the wrong winner of Cycle 6. And then letting her celebrate for almost a full minute before - in what looked to be suspiciously staged but of course it can't have been *ahem* - revealing the actual winner.

I thought Kelsey was brilliant about it, and felt awful for poor Amanda whose big moment had been reduced to "sorry it's Amanda" rather than "AMANDA IT'S YOU!" and then having the spotlight totally taken away from her, and onto Kelsey who's just been given thousands of dollars, a model agent, a cover of Harper's Bazaar and a trip to New York and then had them swiped out of her hands seconds later. It's more than tangible, it's actually OWNING them. What a farce.

I've never liked the live finales in Australia. First off, I don't believe the public (who would vote for a cow dressed in a plastic bag if it was a single mother whose dad had died the week before she had been accepted onto the show and who now watches down on her from heaven) should have a say in who gets jump-started a modelling career. What the hell do they know about the fashion industry? Bugger all is what. And the whole pantomime of watching all the 'hilarious' best bits from the Cycle, awkward reunions with all the dud contestants, live band performances, endless ruminating and analysing for one hour and a half... it's sooooooooo boring. For once, just watch and copy America's Next Top Model and stop trying to be clever about it.

I do feel sorry for Sarah Murdoch, who replaced the last host Jodhi Meares a couple of years ago for similar live finale reasons - she messed up a lot of the links and was generally considered to have done a god awful job of it. She quit weeks later, totally crushed. Murdoch, who is actually a great mentor to the girls and a competent host, will now have tremendous pressure on her to undo her grave mistake. Look how her face changes in these shots when the production team have clearly told her she's announced the wrong girl:

Smile freezes
Mouth drops
Sheer horror
Major balls up
She insists the mistake wasn't deliberate, and she must be devastated by the whole shambles.

Unfortunately, Britain's Next Top Model has now cottoned onto this ridiculous calamitous idea and will be hosting its first ever live finale to determine the winner of Cycle 6 next week (go Tiff!). Let's just hope it's more boring than outrageous, because stunts like this detract away from the more credible versions of this franchise. Australia's Next Top Model was leading the way with winners such as Alice Burdeu, but now everybody's laughing at it. Another new host may be imminent.

But let's try and remember the real winner throughout all of this, as she's a beautiful girl and is bound to do well in her own right - Amanda Ware.

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