Friday, 8 October 2010

NZNTM Cycle 2 - the final six are here!

It's near finale time for all the Top Model cycles out there ('cept for ANTM which has only just started!). And New Zealand's Next Top Model is down to the final six and heading overseas to Thailand. It's been a below par cycle, as always seems to be the case for Cycle 2 of anything, with the show trying desperately to squeeze some drama out of a few girls not washing up the pots, or cleverly editing Dakota who constantly has her foot lodged in her mouth.

None of the finalists really stand out for me, and it's fairly obvious who will win (or at least get top 3). Here they are in all their glory:-

Actually quite good, and one of my favourites. She has beautiful eyes, and reminds me a lot of last Cycle's Laura (who came second to Christobelle). But she's not very appealing when she's talking - she sounds like she's hepped up on goofballs (mine's a sump'm sump'm!) and she comes across a tad dense. But she takes strong photos and she looks very different to the rest of the girls in the top 6 so unless she has a major breakdown I can see her getting into the top 3 quite easily, and deservedly.

This girl is not a model. Even the judges more-or-less confessed as much in the last episode when she landed in the bottom two: they worried about whether she was an 'accidental model' who fell into amazing photographs, but had no actual instinctive or technical knowledge about how she was doing it. AND IT'S SO TRUE. Plus she would be the worst role model in the history of Top Model - not because she's a super bitch or queen of the vices (although in a no smoking campaign they shot she did ask if it would be OK if weed was legalised!) but simply because she's so young and makes careless, rude remarks to practically everyone she meets. She'll be eliminated soon.

The girl who will probably win. The judges (especially Sara) just adore her. It's a bit reminiscent of Joy in this year's BNTM - she takes good photographs but is useless in person, but this fact is skimmed over and she's never threatened with elimination because she is loved by the judges. She has a bit of a sob story background, so I think that's why she gets fawned upon so much. Presenters love to see a 'journey'. She is steadily getting better though, and I have to admit I have a little bit of a soft spot for her as well (when she dreamt that her friend had died in a car crash and then the next day to find out that he had was shocking). A definite winner/runner-up.

One of the creepy twins! For a while there - before sister Nellie was eliminated last week - I thought they were going to keep them in for as long as possible, enough to keep the gimmick running until the finale of the Cycle and have them as the two battling down the runway. But Elza is the only one remaining now, and perhaps she'll be a stronger, more likable contender being her own person. I do love her makeover, and she comes up with some of the most memorable photos. But she could potentially lose the plot without 'the sharer of the womb' with her.

It's actually up for grabs between her and Dakota as to who is the worst of the final 6. To be honest I'm not even sure how she got this far - there were other girls much stronger than her and with more of a modelesque look than Lara (Eva, for example, who was eliminated far too early). Lara's a bit like a packet of flour - she's too pasty and she just kinda sits there like a big lump taking up space. Her photos are erratic and mediocre at best. She's a dancer, and that's what she should have stuck to.

My favourite. I think she's soooo pretty - a beautiful South African/New Zealand mix. In the early episodes where there are so many girls standing together learning to be models, she was the only one who stood out as already having the sparkle. She looks a thousand per cent classier and refined than the rest. And she's been taking really strong photos as well, but unfortunately she had a bit of a breakdown last week and was lucky her consistency has been so strong otherwise she would have been in trouble. But every winner has a bad week (Christobelle and the watch, need we forget?) so hopefully Thailand will bring Michaela right back to the front of the pack.

So there's the girls - who will win? You can find out with me here!

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