Thursday, 11 November 2010


Arghhhh I love it so much! Second time in watching this and it was just as good as the first, maybe better because you know in advance all the hilarious moments and you get to watch a whole new audience experience them for the first time (I love when that happens).

The set-up is just so ridiculous having Horse as the head of the house and the Cowboy and the Indian as the petulant arguing kids who are lazy, can’t spell and always getting into trouble. I loved all their little squabbles – “he wanted to ring the bell so he deserves what he gets!”

Horse was fab too (I can’t help but think of the quote by one of the directors when talking about Horse: “he’s this year’s Carey Mulligan!” – giggles). His relationship with Miss Longree is brilliantly created – he’s the responsible man of the house, but when it comes to girls he’s a complete mess! When he’s daydreaming about her skiing down the mountain to dance with him I was just in fits! Horse had some of the great attention to details moments to work with too – such as banging away like a maniac on the piano, throwing his horseshoes off before he goes to bed, and sleeping standing up!

Too many favourite moments to pick just one – Steven angrily eating his toast and then running through his coffee; Janine crying when Steven gets arrested and the cows hopefully mooing “so are we going to the fields today, then?”; Horse trying to rebuild the house while Cowboy and Indian just sit on the sofa and watch the TV; Miss Longree fixing Horse’s car with secret mechanical skills; the lambs all changing into their night-time fleeces before bed… and many more I can’t recall. Although my absolute favourite bit was a tiny bit ruined on the second watch – because it had been translated into a different line! What originally had me in hysterics: when the animals ride home from school in Horse’s car listening to a CD, “cool sounds Donkey, rip me one!” was changed to “cool music, copy me a CD.” Travesty! Total look of disappointment on my face when I realised it wasn’t going to be on. What if the second viewing I saw is the translation they use for the DVD? I will cry.*

PLEASE all my readers go and watch this. It will brighten your mood – any mood – instantly and will probably lead to you having dangerous spasms of laughter. I can’t imagine I’m going to see a more enjoyably bonkers film all year. At 75 minutes it’s just the right length and I only hope monsieurs Aubier and Patar have more exciting adventures lined up for this bunch of crazy loons as I'm already demanding a sequel.

* I cried.

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