Thursday, 23 December 2010

Culturemouse Advent Calendar: Day Twenty-Three

Best of the year:

1. Party: our housewarming party was not only one of my favourite events of 2010 but one of my favourite events of EVER. It’s very rare to enjoy myself so much that I never want it to end. So much nostalgia, and the joy of seeing old faces, and so many things going on that my head was spinning with happiness. I want to do it all over again next year!

2. Show:  hmmm, most have been the shit this year, but exceptions: Lost made me cry buckets when it ended in May; The Walking Dead impressed me no end;  Pretty Little Liars has been my guilty pleasure; I LOVE WE NEED ANSWERS SO MUCH

3. CD: Band of Horses “Infinite Arms” (to be predictable!)

4. Film:  films have also been poor this year. “Inception” was probably the best, with close runners up being “Up In The Air”, “Going The Distance” and “A Town Called Panic”. But my favourite film of the year was actually one we downloaded that came out in 2009 – “Triangle”. I made everyone watch it at Halloween because it’s so ace! There’s just so much to discuss when it finishes, and it was unexpectedly so clever I am still in awe!

5. Song: I’m not even gonna lie, it’s “Nothing In Common”! HA!  One of the best things a1 have ever done! I can unashamedly listen to it on repeat.

6. Experience:  buying a house. Not the stress of moving out of the flat, and living without gas for two weeks, and discovering we had dangerous electricity – but shopping for carpets, painting walls, making button lampshades, browsing secondhand furniture shops... I loved all that. I didn’t want to go back to work!

7. Concert: either Band of Horses where I danced around like a loon (and sang badly on videos which cannot be posted to Facebook) or Iron & Wine at End of the Road, because it was outside and just turning dark, and when Sam Beam came on it stopped raining. He did beautiful acoustic versions of Ressurrection Fern and Such Great Heights, and it was one of those moments where you want to hold up a lighter flame and sway.

8. Book: God, I don’t think I’ve read very much this year to my utter embarrassment. I keep starting books and then losing interest (Super Sad Love Story, The Book of Lost Things, One Day, The Shadow of the Wind – although I did finish that).  *pause* I’ve just gone to look at my bookshelf to see what books I have read and realised that the reason I can’t recall many is because 7 of them were Pretty Little Liars books – ha ha!

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