Saturday, 18 December 2010

Culturemouse Advent Calendar: Day Eighteen

Ahhh, Boxing Day (wait WHAT! It's only the 18th!) - the day when everyone is bored of their presents, bloated from crazy combos of food (a selection box, a Christmas dinner, half a tin of Roses, some crisps, Christmas pudding, some sweets... barf) and everyone is bored to tears by the whole festive thing. A perfect day then, for BOARD GAMES.

I am somewhat of a board game geek - even though I don't own very many, I can spend hours playing them and looking at them in shops (especially in Travelling Man where my heart does a spinny dance every time it sees the wall to wall of boxes filled with die, counters, cards and other delights). Here are my top five board games to play this Boxing Day.

1. Trivial Pursuit - always a good one to test those brain cells, but try and get an up to date one and not struggle like us with a 1970s one from a charity shop

2. Hero Quest / Dungeons and Dragons - either or, they're both as good as each other. Even better when someone voluntarily WANTS to be the DM (!)

3. Scene It? - one of my favourite games ever, as I love the interactive element to it, and of course, it's all about FILMS! I must also cheat a bit here and throw in a good word for Buzz as well, even though it's not technically a board game, it's still brilliant fun

4. Dread Pirate - one we play every year, to name our ships stupidly if not collecting all the sparkly gems

5. Arkham Horror - this had to be included as it's all I've been doing since I got it for my birthday about three weeks ago (whoooops to the blog updates!). It's just the most complete board game experience I've ever had, and play can stretch up to a whole day - bliss when you have endless amounts of tea and foodies. I urge you to play it, and when you have it, try and refrain from buying all the expansion packs - I DARE YOU

PS - this is my 100th post! Hurray!

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