Thursday, 2 December 2010

Through The Grater Catch Up

Well there's one good thing about all this white stuff falling from the sky and creating chaos on the roads - a day off work so I can catch up on culturemouse and all the gossip from tinterweb. For those of you who think I've been slacking off - I HAVEN'T - I've been busy at the Leeds Film Festival and you can read all the reviews over at sister site screenmouse. But now that's all over, and I've celebrated being a year older, it's back to the old faithful, and as a special treat the culturemouse advent calendar has begun, with 24 treats to keep you occupied for at least a couple of minutes a day. How marvellous!

Now onto what's been happening in the world of moving images and the loike - but first, I've been meaning to put up the trailer for the Coens' new flick for a while now, so we best get on with it.

You're in safe hands with these two - an amazing film always guaranteed. True Grit is out on January 14.

So let's start with TV news.

Firstly there's word of many a new show being developed over the pond. Two have caught my eye - JJ Abrams' Alcatraz which has begun naming its cast, and a yet untitled supernatural thriller from Kevin Williamson, he who wrote Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer and Dawson's Creek and The Vampire Diaries for TV. Now JJ Abrams I can take or leave - he either creates the good shows with a lil bit of mystery sci-fi (Lost, Fringe) or the boring spy thrillers (Alias, Undercovers) - I just hear the word 'CIA' and phase out. But this new one sounds an intriguing mix of the two: a group of missing prisoners and wardens from the island prison reappear in the present day with a team of FBI agents on their trail (not so hot on the FBI). The acclaimed producer has taken one of the Lost alumni with him - Jorge Garcia - and has just cast the main female lead with Sarah Jones. It'll probably be a good year or so before we see the fruits of this project, but with the recent cancellation of Undercovers he'll be wanting his own piece of the small screen back. The Kevin Williamson project I'm interested in, but not so much for the "companion to the Vampire Diaries" description that's being bandied about - hopefully it will stand alone - and to be honest, it sounds like the CW lining up a successor for when Supernatural is bound to depart into oblivion next Summer.

Something definitely worth a gander - Armando Iannucci's US version of The Thick Of It coming to HBO under the name Veep. Although the comic writer is stressing that it's not a remake ala The Office, but rather a "cousin" to the BBC 2 show, and will have the same feel of the American political system and dealings in In The Loop. But he's writing the script so it doesn't really matter, right?

Another project that may be worth keeping a wandering eye on: ABC Family have green lighted the pilot for The Lying Game, which sounded familiar and after a bit of reading realised it was the new series of books from Sara Shepard, whose Pretty Little Liars grace the same channel. They must be pretty confident in its success as the book has only just been published in America. It sounds a little samey to me, so it's not yet on the list of things to watch.

For a good round up of other babes in the melting pot, go here.

Time for a crappy trailer, me thinks.

Dear God it looks awful. Is it trying to be Angela Carter?

Back to TV briefly: Damages is back next Summer for a fourth series. I had thought it would return in January as always but I suspect the to-ing and fro-ing over whether it still even existed has delayed things somewhat. Still, it will be here before we know it. No word on the plot just yet, or any star cameo castings.

And a shout out to all you crazy people who have not yet tuned into AMC's The Walking Dead - you're just crazy! The final episode of Season 1 airs this weekend, and then we have to wait a whole year for more Andrew Lincoln being a sheriff. Sob, sob.

Onto film!

If you've been on the blog and Nataliedar recently you'll know that a couple of Ms Natalie's upcoming films have had their trailers released, and everything is moving along nicely. 2011 is set to be a very busy year with Black Swan, No Strings Attached, Thor and Your Highness all within six months of each other! Natalie is currently being linked with a number of new ventures including a new Alien reboot, the next Batman film, and more seriously, an adaptation of Cloud Atlas. Whilst nothing has been confirmed yet, Halle Berry herself has mentioned that Natalie is involved, so there must be some truth to the rumours. Whether it will be a major role or a little sojourn to get her teeth stuck into whilst she searches for something meatier is still unknown.

She's also busy producing and developing her own material at the moment - as well as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which she now won't star in, she also has Bring Your Own in mind - a raunchy comedy about two girls on the lookout for a boyfriend. Anne Hathaway has also been linked to this, so perhaps she and Natalie will be playing the two main characters?

Easy A, so very pleased that Emma Stone and director Will Gluck will be teaming up again for another film. One of the delights of the last film was the sharp, sassy script (delivered so well by Stone) so here's hoping writer Burt Royal will also be in the mix.

Lastly, some news about Wes Anderson's new film Moon Rise Kingdom - always exciting to have a new Wes Anderson project to grin about. In a departure from his usual regulars (although the ever loyal and watchable Bill Murray is present) the film is courting Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton and will focus on a small town in the 1960s where two teenagers in love run away together, and the neighbours unite to try and find them. It's going to be good anyway (he's never made a bad film), but this premise looks super good, and right up my, er, cul de sac. I think he could make this brilliantly farcical in that quirky eccentric way of his. It sounds kind of magical, doesn't it? No news yet on who will play the lovestruck teenagers.

To finish, here's the slick new trailer for Source Code - Jake Gyllenhaal's new film from the director of Moon. It looks like something we've seen before...

Oh yeah - Quantum Leap.

Over and out!

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