Sunday, 16 January 2011

Through The Grater 11.1

I can give up on "Through The Grater This Week" happening every 7 days because we all know it won't. So, a brand new year, "Through The Grater" is now going to take the form of editions - decimal points and everything. So, it's 2011 and edition 1, welcome to Through The Grater 11.1. Let's see what's caught my eye in the first 15 days of the year.

Well, without doubt the biggest news - and something which should probably have merited its own posting - is that Natalie has announced she is both engaged and pregnant! The lucky man is Benjamin Millepied, the choreographer on Black Swan and a professional dancer himself. Yes, there's already been lots of baby with 1000 legs jokes, ta very much. I'm thoroughly pleased for her (I always think of her as so young, yet she's at mum age!) but this new 'project' means she'll probably be disappearing from film for a while. She has denied Superman and Batman rumours (boo on the latter) and will most likely concentrate on producing for the next year. But, seeing as we have such a wave of Natalie films hitting us in 2011, I shouldn't complain.

Things are moving quickly now that The Hobbit has been confirmed: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellan, Andy Serkis, Christopher Lee and Cate Blanchett are all to reprise their roles from the LOTR films along with the new band of hobbits led by Martin Freeman. Frodo of course isn't in the book of The Hobbit which adds weight to the suggestion that Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro (though having quit as director still penned the script) are going to develop the footnotes from Tolkein's books to help spread the film out over 2 parts, and this is certain to include flashbacks and flashforwards in the film. Orlando Bloom is almost definite to reappear as well, and there's also whispering tongues about David Tennant, and Saoirse Ronan and Brian Blessed on IMDB. Brian Blessed would be amazing!

Sam Raimi's new film (well, he's producing) Dibbuk Box sounds interesting, but this write up from Empire gave me the giggles. The chances of that are nil but oh, don't I dare wish!

BAFTA has announced its 2011 Orange Rising Star Award shortlist. Vying for the public's vote this time are:

Gemma Arterton (bleurgh)
Andrew Garfield (yay)
Tom Hardy (outsider)
Aaron Johnson (dark horse)
Emma Stone (brilliant)

Kristen Stewart won last year (and looked miserable for it). My money's on Gemma Arterton, but dear God I hope it goes to Andrew Garfield or Emma Stone. Arterton and Garfield are obvious choices as they've done the bigger movies, and in some ways they don't need to win this as their careers are catapulting already. It would much better suited to one of the other 3, although no-one's going to know who Tom Hardy is, despite the mega success of Inception and his upcoming role in The Dark Knight Rises. Similarly with Emma Stone, if you haven't seen Easy A or Zombieland you're not gonna have a clue. But she has some huge roles coming up, one being The Help where the word Oscar has already been bandied about. Aaron Johnson, in terms of career, could do with a boost the most.

Onto TV where there's lots to talk about: Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, The Walking Dead and a couple of new programmes to look forward to.

But first, Damages, which should be back on our screens in July by reports. I'm not instantly grabbed by this season's legal case, but I'm more hopeful over the casting of John Goodman, the newest starry cameo to join the show. If there's to be any more we'll find out about it in the next couple of weeks. No word yet on whether Ted Danson will be joining the rest of the cast for Season 4 - there was a loud cheer in my house when he showed up in S3, so here's hoping there's more to come from Arthur Frobisher.

Also back in July, and earlier than expected, is The Walking Dead (thanks to a tip off from Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston). Expect new characters and a longer run this time - around 13 episodes. At least it's closer than October!

As if we hadn't guessed already, the producer of Gossip Girl has hinted that 'Dair' may happen in future episodes of Season 4. Not sure what I make of this one - I mean as long as Chuck and Blair eventually end up together in the end (no compromises on that) then the show still has room to meander through various storylines and relationship arcs. I've always had a soft spot for Dan, and Blair is the best thing about GG, but what I love is their squabbling and clashing - I think a romance could spoil a great dynamic on the show. Here's hoping it's a fumble and nothing more.

My current favourite show is embarrassing GG in the ratings at the moment, and now Pretty Little Liars has been renewed for Season 2. Huzzah! It's no great surprise as there's still so much material to be used up. The first couple of episodes of Season 1 part two have been intriguing as they're veering off slightly from the books (where Hannah has amnesia after the accident and Noel Kahn doesn't get half as much attention). The casting of new character 'Logan' is also a complete departure, and I can only assume he'll play a new love interest ala the made-up Alex. (nb: I was about to do a little piece on the finale of Season 1, which I'm assuming will follow the end of Book 4, where A is revealed in a very cinematic way on a dark and stormy night, but I ended up instead spoilering myself on the end of book 8 which I haven't read yet. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, LIFE!)

On the horizon of TV: Charlie Brooker's new series begins this Thursday on Channel 4 (wait WHAT, I'm talking about UK TV for a change? Snigger) - it's called 10 O'Clock Live and will also feature Jimmy Carr, Lauren Laverne and David Mitchell (two outta four ain't bad). There's no denying Brooker has sold himself to the mainstream lately, but I warmed greatly to You Have Been Watching (especially with Mr Fuggles) and to be honest as long as he's doing something on the telly I'm happy. He still has me in tears of laughter.
And ABC are developing a mini series of Wicked, the book by Gregory Maguire (but more famous for its Broadway and West End success) chronicling the life of the Wicked Witch of the West. There have been plenty of rumours about it being turned into a film (which it still might) but ABC have had the TV rights since 2009 and they have ordered a script to be written. I've longed to get into the world of Wicked, having picked the book up several times to buy, and it being one of the musicals I would actually want to see. A TV mini series might be my way in.

I'm going to end on some shocking news - the news that Supernatural may be picked up for a seventh season! There's reference here, and here, and with Season 6 set to resume within a few weeks an announcement on the future of the show (and all CW shows for that matter) should be due very soon. For a show I dearly love it has become such a headache to watch lately, and the thought of it continuing on for another year diminishes it further in my eyes: every bad season seems to cancel out every good season, and soon it will be remembered in a more mixed tone than in high praise. SOMEBODY STOP THE TRAIN NOW!

Plus: I never knew Jared Padalecki was married to the shit Ruby. Gah!


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