Sunday, 27 February 2011

Oscar Fever

So, after months of 'lesser' award ceremonies the big gun is finally here: the Academy Awards take place tonight in America, and Natalie could be about to win one of those sought after golden statues.

I'm pretty nervous, as a typical fangirl everything that happens to Natalie also happens to me. And this would be like coming first in a race, the actors' equivalent of winning the world championship if she picks up the Best Actress award tonight. Materially, publicly, it's the best thing that could happen to her in her career - what every other actor out there dreams of achieving. I would be ridiculously embarrassingly proud, and may even cry. I do tend to cry a lot when my favourite people show everyone else just how amazing I know them to be.

Even though she's red hot favourite to win, this culturemouse will not be counting any chickens. She was favourite to win back in 2004 after picking up the Golden Globe her for role in Closer but the Oscar went instead to Cate Blanchett (The Aviator). It's definitely the older actresses in the category she has to watch out for - no disrespect to Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Williams, I'm sure their time will come - but Annette Bening and Nicole Kidman are both strong contenders and Academy darlings, although Kidman has picked up the statue before so Bening is the bigger threat. It keeps getting whispered about "perhaps her time has come".

This is Natalie's best ever chance to win. It's extremely unlikely a role like Black Swan will ever come around again - strong scripts and everlasting characters will no doubt surface, but she has poured so much of herself into this role that just cannot be repeated. A lot of people believe she deserves it too, and there is so much going in her favour: her age, the role, her reputation, her campaign, the fact she's about to become a mother (yes, they probably do take this into consideration). But nothing comes easily in this business and my nails are already bitten down to the quick.

I'll be blogging as the awards go out live, so please join me if you're up - it's 1am over here on a Sunday night so it positively sucks. But of course, not if there's something to grin about at the end of the show :-)

00:20:  Armed with a cup of tea and ready to go. Apparently Natalie is wearing Rodarte - looking forward to seeing her dress!

00:26  Amy Adams looking gorge but pale pink/red is the colour of choice it seems. Jesse Eissenberg looks like he needs a hairwash!

0030:  HA - AP's Red Carpet harpy totally had to be told who Christian Bale was. "who's that bearded man?"

00:42  God damn it, where is she?!

00:44  Loving Helena Bonham Carter's cheeky garter

00:50:  Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jnr chinwagging on the Red Carpet and causing a blockage

00:53:  Oh balls, I thought this was going to finish around 3am - now it's looking more like 4.30am. I'm going to have a long day today...

00:55:  NATALIE HAS ARRIVED! She is looking beautiful in purple. Photo stat.

01:13:  Here she is:

01:17:  She's hardly looking pregnant at all! So lovely. She has amazing earrings on as well, I'll see if I can get a pic later.

01:21:  10 minutes before the show starts - off to get more tea.

01:30:  Aaaaaaand we're off!

01:36:  This Anne Hathaway/James Franco Inception skit is cracking me up. She just danced the "brown duck"!

01:42:  Oh James Franco's face

01:45:  Tom Hanks presenting the first award: Best Art Direction

01:46:  And Alice In Wonderland wins the first Oscar!

01:48:  And now Best Cinematography.

01:49: goes to Inception.

01:54:  BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS! (That was quick!) I'm rooting for miss Hailee Steinfeld, how amazing if she won! But all signs point to Melissa Leo...

01:59:  Jeez, Kirk Douglas is a hoot isn't he? Talk about suspense! Best Supporting Actress goes to Melissa Leo.

02:02:  ugh what an awful speech! I think Kirk Douglas should have kept going!

02:04:  Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake (Banksy, apparently) are presenting Best Toy Story 3, I mean, er, Animated Film.

02:20:  argh, lost my stream! Think we're back now. Hope I haven't missed anything...

02:25:  Oh my, James Franco as Marilyn's far too late.

02:27:  Best Foreign Language Film. COME ON DOGTOOTH!!

02:28:  Oh sad, it went to Susanne Bier's new film In A Better World

02:31: Reese Witherspoon is here, and it's time to find out who's Best Supporting Actor. Geoffrey Rush, fingers crossed!

02:34:  Nope, it's beardy Christian Bale

02:42:  Best Musical Score goes to The Social Network (pft, should have been Black Swan)

02:47:  Still not getting James Franco's face at all.

02:48:  Now she's presenting an award (Best Sound Mixing - Inception) I am reminded of how beautiful Miss Scarlett is looking tonight:

02:51:  Best Sound Editing also went to Inception. That's 3 awards now.

02:57:  Now Make Up and Costume Design. They go to: The Wolfman (insert your own jokes here) and Alice In Wonderland respectively.

03:03:  (0300?! - eek). And now Best Song. WAIT WHAT? They're going to perform every single nomination? uhhhhhhhhh. Don't these people know I have work in the morning?

03:09:  Oh, they performed two and then got bored. Best Documentary next!

03:16:  Oh no, some short film awards first.

03:22:  Gah, streaming issues again. But Inside Job has just won Best Documentary Feature.

03:32:  Still having major issues. Inception has just won Best Visual Effects. It's not much fun watching at the mo...

03:35:  Best Film Editing goes The Social Network. 

03:47:  Sigh. Still not fun. Best Song has been awarded to Toy Story 3.

04:02:  Best Director goes to Tom Hooper for The Kings Speech! First big surprise of the night.



04:21:  Aww bless her, she just thanked literally everyone who worked with her on Black Swan. I'm very proud. And my stream came back just in time, too! 

04:25:  And now Best Actor...

04:27:  ...goes to Colin Firth for his absolutely brilliant performance in The King's Speech and a thoroughly well deserved win, too.

04:31:  And now what we've all been waiting for... oh no wait, that's been. Go on, let's see who wins Best Picture. The Social Network vs. The King's Speech, surely?

04:37:  The King's Speech has won Best Film at the Academy Awards - along with Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor. Congratulations! The night definitely belongs to them.

04:40:  Right, I really need to get a few zzz's now folks, but I shall leave you with Natalie's acceptance speech for Best Actress and follow up more coherently later today. OH MY GOD SHE WON, HUZZAH!!!

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