Thursday, 3 February 2011

Through The Grater 11.2


One of my picks, Like Crazy, has won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. Congratu-ma-lations! It's not too surprising as the reviews have been overwhelmingly fawning. Its main female star Felicity Jones picked up the Jury Prize too (I thought Elizabeth Olsen had secured that after the praise she's been getting for Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene but that film did pick up Best Director). Another Earth (culturemouse pick), Circumstance, Kinyarwanda and Happy Happy were also recognised in the Dramatic categories. The full list of award winners can be found here. Very happily for me, to.get.her won the Best of NEXT Audience award, meaning it rated the best with cinema goers in its fledgling category, so that's great news. The reviews were fairly mixed I have to say (The Hollywood Reporter tore it apart), but many have also seen the potential in it. It's yet to secure a distributor, but the award win should really help its cause. You can see views on this year's festival hits and misses over here, and over here. Get pencillin'.

Another bit of film festival news - Woody Allen's new romance Midnight in Paris will open this year's Cannes Film Festival. The film, which has actually dodged my radar, stars Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, Marion Cotillard, Adrien Brody, Kathy Bates, and er, Carla Bruni. He's really doing the travelogue rounds with his films, isn't he?

Rose Byrne's new film is Bridesmaids, out in June. It looks painful.

There'll be a better trailer later on, don't worry.

There's been a revolving door amongst my favourite TV shows lately:

  • A couple of regulars are leaving 90210, although I'm intrigued about this as it means they are doing a full-on college season next year...assuming it gets picked up again. College is always better than high school - let's just hope they actually show the characters there as opposed to the beach, people's houses, cafes, the beach club, etc, etc.
  • Chris Messina will be joining Damages next season, playing an old school friend of Ellen's. He's not an actor I've seen a lot of, but he'll add a bit of eye-candy to the cast at least.
  • CHARLIE COX IS GOING TO BE IN BOARDWALK EMPIRE! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Every time I watch Stardust (and is fairly frequently) I fall a little bit more in love with Charlie Cox. Problem is he doesn't do very much, not on television anyway, so the fact that he's signed up as a recurring character in Season 2 means I better get caught up on this new HBO immediately! At times like this I wish I had Sky...
  • And two old faces are back on Supernatural. They're both pretty big characters, so it's bound to have an influence on the upcoming 'souls' arc (*stifles a yawn*). One of them I'm intrigued to see how they bring them back at all, as the last time we saw them they were pretty much finito. Although I should know well by now that nobody stays dead on Supernatural.

Carrying on with Supernatural (which starts up again tomorrow after it was shifted back another week by the CW) producer Sera Gamble has given an interview, dropping hints on a couple of the new episodes we can expect to see in the second half of season 6. One of them involves the wild, wild West and another involves Misters Jared and Jensen themselves... literally themselves. Are they old hand enough to try this yet?

And a bit of music news to end on - the UK's act for Eurovision has been confirmed: and it's ancient annoying boyband Blue. I may not have mentioned on culturemouse before but I LOVE Eurovision - I'm one of those people who actually print out the scorecards from the BBC website and mark each performance and then draw up my top 5 to cheer on when the results are being announced... yes, one of those. So I'm a little pissed off that the act I'm automatically supposed to root for is this unappealing. At least let it be someone I've never heard of before - shite or not - to be apathetic about, not a group whom I have history of hating very much (it's the a1 in me). So, another country from the off this year. Come on, Slovenia!

Now to close with a perverted, murderous tyre called Robert.


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