Monday, 28 March 2011

Heapsong1: Lifeline

I'm a hu-uage fan of Imogen Heap and insanely excited about (and a little bit in awe) of her latest project: Heapsong.

Immi has always embraced social networking and interactivity in her music, and this new venture pushes that to the limit. She has given herself three years to make her new album, and plans to create and record each song in two week bursts, using samples of music that her audiences send in, photographs for her artwork and poetry and prose for her text. Each song will be released/available to download on the 14th day, and at the end of the whole process, a physical album will have emerged that she can hold and truly call a community record (or "global poetry").

I probably should have blogged about this a couple of weeks ago as today is the 14th day of heapsong1 but I got to the game a little late myself. So far I think it's been a roaring success, and just seeing how much she sticks to her promise to include her fans in her work is so inspiring it makes me want to join in over the next 11 songs she creates! Plus it's nice settling down to an Imogen Heap vblog at the end of an evening and listen to her banter away about this and that - you feel like she's a good friend and you're sharing a fuzzy moment.

So here's the first heapsong for the new album - it's called "Lifeline" and it's very good - esp. for 13 days work! The poor girl didn't get much sleep!

Keep an ear out for news of heapsong2 - I'll be more on the ball next time.

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