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And now a round up of other US networks of note to see what they're proposing for the 2011/2 season. There's not a huge amount worth getting excited about, but sometimes you can't tell what's going to be your next favourite show, so best to cover them all - just in case. You'll notice that AMC is missing - this is because the channel held a 'bake off' several weeks ago: some odd Americanism for pitting a collection of new TV ideas (six to be precise) together with the aim of taking three of them on for further development, and to make a pilot. But even though the results of this were supposed to be announced last week (hence me leaving this as late as possible) they still haven't announced anything. So until further notice, AMC is just boring this year, yeah?

American Horror Story (FX)
Tell me now: can't tell you much, I'm afraid - the plot is very hush hush, but it centres around a couple moving into a new home in San Francisco which is supposedly haunted.
And who's in it: Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), Denis O'Hare (True Blood) and Jessica Lange (Tootsie, Big Fish)
Should I care?: well, I'm always intrigued by a new horror, especially one that focuses on the supernatural rather than vampires, zombies or witches, and American Horror Story adds itself to the growing number of spooky pilots this year. But this one has me particularly interested because it's created by Ryan Murphy, he of the singing banshee club we care not to mention here on culturemouse. I prefer to think of him as the man behind Popular and Nip/Tuck, two brilliant shows I have been addicted to in the past. Murphy played scary very well during the Carver storyline on the plastic surgery show, so now he has a whole series to play with the genre I can't wait to see the results.

Whales (Showtime)
Tell me now: a group of young, eccentric, brilliant people move to Las Vegas to live in a luxury apartment in the hope of winning a $10 million poker prize.
And who's in it: still in the very early stages of development so no-one's been cast yet.
Should I care?: it's being billed as a half hour comedy, and also comes from the producer of Weeds, so ordinarily, no, not something to be that bothered by. But there's something about the premise that has stuck with me, and so that's why I'm including it in my picks - a lot will depend on who is cast as the genius college graduates, 'cos if they get that right and manage to construct a story along the way I think this could be fascinating. And no, I don't have the first clue about poker!

Imboycrazy (Showtime)
Tell me now: a girl trying to find love in Los Angeles, one guy at a time.
And who's in it: Alexi Wasser (Dirt, and the soon to be HBO show I've been talking about, Girls)
Should I care?: wellllllllllllllll. The boys reading can look away now, is all I'm saying. From the title you can see it's not going to be the most substantial of TV commitments - in fact it sort of reminds me of Clarissa Explains It All (you know, the girl who used her window as her front door) and My So Called Life but obviously a more updated version. What intrigues me is the route this took to the TV screen: from a blog written by Alexi Wasser about her own life. So it's a reality show, but it looks like it may be scripted, and it's being classed as 'comedy' so who knows how this could turn out. The only indication we have is from the videos posted by Wasser to 'promote' the blog (which has over 1000 followers) - is this what it will be like (she's kind of annoying)?

Generations (TNT)
Tell me now: following three generations of a Southern family living in the same house, spanning across several decades.
And who's in it: again, no cast yet as this has just been greenlighted.
Should I care?: well, it depends on how soapy it's going to get, doesn't it? The show will be produced by Robert Redford (pictured) who as well as being a celebrated actor also gave the world Sundance, so he's not exactly a person to ignore. The show is getting a lot of comparisons to a 2008 programme called The Oaks which was given a pilot by Fox, but never picked up - it was exactly the same premise, but the house was haunted. I'd never heard of it until I put two and two together and realised it was remade over here (ITV's Marchlands). Having a ghost around would definitely liven things up, but maybe this is supposed to be a pure family saga instead?

The Lying Game (ABC Family)
Tell me now: a girl finds out she has an identical twin sister, but when she goes missing she takes on her identity in order to try and find out what's happened to her. Or some other nonsense.
And who's in it: Alexandra Chando, Andy Buckley, Blair Redford... lots more unknowns.
Should I care?: it's basically Ringer but without SMG and as written by Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars). Whilst I love PLL, I don't think I can bear another show of this type - does she have to keep writing about essentially the same thing, and be so explicit about it?! I think I'll be giving this one a miss, but it's bound to be insanely popular.

And there we have it! Hope you've got a few things stashed away in your mind for September time. Why not let me know what you're most looking forward to in the comments section?

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