Thursday, 14 April 2011


Now here's an interesting pairing: CBS, a channel I loathe and have never watched a thing on, and The CW, a channel which I watch all the time and heralds some of my favourite programmes. But times are a-changing, and the CW style and format is becoming tiresome for me now, and I'm beginning to realise it only really disappoints. That doesn't mean to say I'm switching off and now bowing down to everything CBS put out - God no! - but it does mean my mind has been opened, so to speak.

There's two picks from each network - here is what CBS has to offer.

Two Broke Girls
Tell me now: two girls from very different backgrounds - one poor, one rich - become unlikely friends working in a diner and decide to go into business together.
And who's in it: KAT DENNINGS! I love Kat Dennings! I'd watch anything with her in. Even CBS. She'll be playing the 'poor girl' and Beth Behrs (her first big role) will be playing 'the rich girl'. Also stars Jonathan Kite, Garrett Morris and Matthew Moy.
Should I care?: I think it'll be a lot of fun. It's being billed as a comedy (so probably half an hour in length) but not in the canned laughter/studio audience style (we hope!) so should be watchable in some form or other. Kat Dennings usually picks good scripts, so I may follow her on this one.

Tell me now: a young woman on the run from the mob takes up the identity of her identical twin sister to try and escape, only to find out they're after her twin as well.
And who's in it: Sarah Michelle Gellar, in her first major TV role since Buffy, which is why the majority of people will tune in. Also they will see Nestor Carbonell (Richard from Lost), Kristoffer Polaha (Mad Men) and Tara Summers (which mildly amuses me).
Should I care?: the plot sounds daft as hell (and very similar to The Lying Game, which I'll preview in the next few days on ABC Family) and as much as I loved Buffy I'm not going to be sat with my nose against the screen for the next SMG project. I can't see this lasting long.

And now The CW:

Secret Circle
Tell me now: Charmed by the writer of The Vampire Diaries: you can't get more CW than this! A young girl moves to New Salem (oh my yes) and discovers she's actually a witch from an ancient coven. 
And who's in it: young witchy will be played by Brittany Robertson (Life Unexpected- The CW like to recycle their 'talent') with turns from Ashley Crow (Heroes), Adam Harrington (Dexter) and Thomas Dekker is now on board, who is best known from the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Should I care?: guhhhhh, probably not. Witches are infinitely more interesting than vampires I'll give it that, but I was such a huge fan of Charmed that I don't know if I want to put myself through the same old "but I want a normal life!" melodrama again. Plus there's no Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan, so what's the point? The thing that bugs me is L.J Smith wrote a brilliant trilogy of books that I read when I was younger (Point Horror, so what, *ahem*) called The Forbidden Game, about a girl who gets lured into a board game by a brooding but dangerous guy called Jared (or something like that). And it was ACE, and original. Like a teenage emo angst-ed up Jumanji. Why can't that be a TV show instead?

Tell me now: two sisters fight on opposite sides in the midst of a zombie uprising.
And who's in it: sisters Meredith Hagner (Lights Out) and Lucy Griffiths (Robin Hood on the BBC) plus a whole host of undead.
Should I care?: obviously the success of The Walking Dead on AMC has led to this being greenlighted, but don't expect the same amount of gore, tension and grenades in handbags (thanks, Carol!) - this will be The CW does zombies, so lots of cheapy effects and enticing yet predictable story lines. Still to give them credit, this is something they've never done before, so even though the sisters will end up coming together to save one another in the end because they're 'blood', it may still be worth tuning in.

Last to come: a round up of all the other channels, including Showtime, ABC Family and FX.

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