Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cycle 17 will be ANTM All Stars!

So The CW have renewed the majority of their programmes for next season: more torturous hours ahead of 90210, Gossip Girl, and Supernatural (that's Series 7, people). They've also renewed America's Next Top Model but with a bit of a twist - Cycle 17 is going to be an all stars season - huzzah! This is potentially amazing news as I start scouring through my mind for all of the beautiful models denied by the entertaining wackjob that is Tyra Banks. There's one that immediately springs to mind...

Considering they won't bring back any of the winners, and the age limit will still be 26 (although rules/judges/prizes are still to be announced) here are my top 14 girls I'd love to see back bitching in the house, tearing up the runway and smizin' with their eyes:

Cycle 5 - Jayla
 Yes, she was a bit of a bitch, but she had some damn fine pictures.

Cycle 8 - Brittany
 She had a bit of a meltdown, but she was quirky and I WANTED THAT HAIR.

Cycle 8 - Natasha
 Robbed by Jaslene for the win, she was the cutest lil Russian girl.

Cycle 9 - Kimberly
 She was eliminated WAY too early in Cycle 9, criminally too early.

Cycle 9 - Heather
 The awkward, gothic beauty who was only eliminated because she couldn't do a commercial.

Cycle 9 - Jenah
 OMG my favourite girl of ever, ever, ever I would run around the house screaming if she came back.

Cycle 10 - Katarzyna
 No personality for Tyra, but she had an amazing face for photos.

Cycle 11 - Lauren Brie
 One of the many mysteries of Top Model history: HOW was Lauren Brie eliminated when she was dominating Cycle 11?

Cycle 11 - Marjorie
 Well, just look at the photo. The 'odd French girl' was haute couture all the way

Cycle 11 - Analeigh
 Possibly the world's favourite top model contestant who didn't win?

Cycle 11 - Samantha
Such a transformation after the makeovers - the above pic should have been a jeans ad.

Cycle 12 - Allison
Vamp chic with the crazy eyes, she should have won Cycle 12.

Cycle 13 - Laura
 The country bumpkin turned bombshell who only lost out 'coz the winner was exceptional that season

Cycle 14 - Raina
 Fierce to the finish, but Tyra saw no personality and said bye-bye

Oh if they weren't so old (or too cool for this anymore): Elyse (Cycle 1), Shandi (Cycle 2), April (Cycle 2), Norelle (Cycle 3), Nicole (Cycle 3), Ann (Cycle 3), Yaya (Cycle 3), Brittany (Cycle 4), Kahlen (Cycle 4), Sara (Cycle 6), Mollie Sue (Cycle 6), Melrose (Cycle 7)

Can't wait to see the confirmed line up! It's not going to be half as ace as my selection, but we can but hope. Hope for JENAH, anyway.

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