Saturday, 7 May 2011

Trailer Park

Oh my God there's more, more of them! Someone shut the window!

Intensely excited about seeing this - I was never a fan, but his legend cannot be ignored. Out June 3.

Bigwig at Sundance, will now play at Cannes next week. YES THAT IS AN OLSEN TWIN, I KNOW!

The film of the book everyone's read except for me (if you're planning to, don't watch for spoilers). Out September 30.

Greek mythology done by Tarsem Singh (The Fall). Fangirl squee from me at the inclusion of all the characters I've studied... not so much on the presence of Freida Pinto. Out November 11.

I love documentaries like this - utterly absorbing and fascinating. And important. No release date as yet.


I thought this looked familiar when I saw it... it's 'Homework' which I previewed at Sundance, now going by another name. Unfortunately it's the most horrible trailer you will ever see.

Really looking forward to this as well - Emma Stone can do no wrong at the moment.

I can't decide if this looks intriguing or awful - less tension, more melodrama?

Zack Braff plays a drug dealer (yes, really) who tries to make up for a terrible accident (that looks a lot like Another Earth!). Sparse and bleak. Yeah, a fun way to end this entry.

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