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Thundercats Week: Day Four

When you're 10 years old, you don't question things like Thundercats. Just everything is amazing. But watching it again 15 years on, you can't help but see it in a whole new light. Their sense of humour (apart from Tygra, who's brilliant) is awful, and how they didn't throw Snarf into the Four Day Drop I'll never know. What an insufferably horrible beast. And Mum-raa, despite his power and intimidating horror, was truly flawed and his plans had more holes than a piece of mouse infested cheese. So, though I still love it so for all its bad puns and ridiculous storytelling, here's a list of some of the standout moments that you just didn't get as a kid.

Top 10 Thundercat Dénouements
(the bit at the end where they all learn a lesson and then laugh their heads off)

Episode 2 - The Unholy Alliance
Tygra on the way to beat Mum-raa: "the evil in its own unspeakable face"

Episode 15 - The Time Capsule
After the thunderkittens get grounded for misusing and breaking one of their space boards, Cheetara truly takes the piss by snatching the last one and asking if she can ride it home... bearing in mind she can run at lightning speed. Worra cheek!

Episode 16 - The Fireballs of Plun-darr
Panthro reveals he hates spiders. "You've hurt Bushy's feelings," tuts Willa. "He likes you." Trivia Alert! Panthro is also scared of this thing:
oh dear God NO, not the Energy Bat!

Episode 24 - Safari Joe
Safari Joe turns out to be a Coward. "Most bullies are, Snarf," muses Lion-o. "Most bullies are..."

Episode 27 - The Thunder-cutter
Nayda telling Lion-o how it is: "When I asked him that, he said you - because you are young and flexible."

Episode 30 - Feliner Part 2
Snarf and his melodramatic non exit - leaving in a spaceship only to come back two seconds later gurgling "what would you do without me?" - HAVE A MORE BEARABLE SHOW, IS WHAT.

Episode 39 - Monkian's Bargain
Panthro's hilarity. "Monkian tried to make his own deal with the sword... but he just couldn't cut it!" HA HA HA HA HA

Episodes 48 ("Mechanical Plague") and 51 ("Excalibur")
Panthro gets bookish: "you know what they say - there's a hidden Hamlet in every comic" - wtf? How is Shakespeare even part of Third Earth? And three episodes later, the show happily informs everyone that King Arthur, and the Lady of the Lake all exist on Third Earth. So is this what England is to become in 5 trillion years time?

Episode 53 - Good and Ugly
One of the classic morals of the show - Lion-o learns that he shouldn't judge someone as bad just because they are ugly. Even the actor playing Lion-o (Larry Kenney) thought it was hilarious - take a look at the bloopers below. These are real bloopers by the way folks, which makes them even better.

Episode 57 - Out Of Sight
Nayda and Tygra banter. "invisibility does have its advantages, but as a way of life..." "I just can't see it!" HA HA HA, oh God they're so funny.

Top 5 "FFS, Mum-raa!"
(He has such great ideas... but just doesn't think them through)

5. The Power of Disguise
Mum-raa plays at being a Berbil, a Thunderian, and of all things, King Arthur. But as soon as he's infiltrated the Lair and gained the Thundercats trust, he starts evilly cackling like a loon and shedding mummy bandages everywhere. Just calm down and get the job done, Mum-raa!

4. Suddenly Remembering...
That he can get the evil priestess to help him. That Hachiman could fight the Thundercats. That Excalibur is a better sword and he can use that. That there's a giant spider on the planet. That there's an evil genie on the planet. That his goodly nemesis Mumrana lives on the planet and he can use mind control on her. That he could seal the Thundercats weapon room up and render them defenceless AT ANY TIME. That he can summon up all their most feared enemies and pit the Thundercats against them. Numerous times.

3. Spying on the Thundercats
Out of nowhere, later on in Series 1 it shows Mum-raa having the ability to look into his psychic purple pool and watch the Thundercats in their own home. Why on earth hasn't he capitalised on this before? Why doesn't he just watch them, get to know their routines, and then break them apart when they least expect it? Because he's too busy snoozing in his tomb, that's what.

2. Getting Too Giddy With Victory
Mum-raa's best chance to beat the Thundercats was in Episode 31, when he manages to steal the power of ancient Pharaoh Wizz-ra...

and get a funky new hat in the process. But when he has captured all the cats except for coma-stricken Cheetara he decides to claim victory and put the hat down IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM and go to sleep for a bit. Ohhhh, Mum-raa. Hang your unspeakably evil head in shame.

1. 3D Glasses
By Episode 45 Mum-raa suddenly realises that his main problem for constantly losing to the Thundercats is being made to look at his the horror of his own reflection - so invests in a special pair of goggles to put on whenever Lion-o is waving the shiny sword in his face. But then he goes and loses them, and has to look at the horror of it, anyway. Why doesn't he just get laser surgery? Plastic surgery? Ban all mirrors? Or better yet, get some counselling?

Mumm-ra's Top 5 Plans
Because he did have some ingenious thoughts occasionally

5. Filling the Lair with Acid
Asking the Driller to bore a hole between the Acid Lake and Cat's Lair so the fumes will poison the Thundercats and kill them. But of course our heroes win the day by getting hold of some sponge fog to neutralise the the acid leak. But of course.  

4. Cloning
Again with the Driller's help (he should just hire the Driller) Mumm-ra kidnaps Panthro and clones his likeness, filling it with an evil entity. When that clone is destroyed, he just resolves to make more of them now he has the mould. But then the evil entity has a hissy fit and wrecks it. So much for genetics.

3. Holding an Exhibition
Having no luck with science, Mum-raa goes for a cultural victory by luring Lion-o into a cave of art dedicated to the Thundercats. Living evil art, more like! The paintings come to life and start attacking Lion-o, leaving him defenceless as Mum-raa then unleashes his ultimate foe - the evil doppelganger Lion-o. This is great thinking by Mum-raa. But unfortunately Lion-o manages to bundle his way to victory again, and learns about the perils of vanity along the way. Oh, boy.

2. Throwing the Sword of Omens into a Black Hole
One of his best ever plans. Only a series of comically annoying coincidental cliches manages to help the Thundercats go in after it, and come out again alive. I'll have you know this involves them floating harmlessly in the middle of space. OF SPACE. No wonder Mum-raa gets so fed up he has to go and have a lie down for a few hundred million years.

1. Drugging Tygra
Not only evil, but also dangerous and inhumane. This is Mum-raa at his most nasty. Let's watch it again!

Yup - definitely a bad trip.

The new Thundercats starts tomorrow, so whilst we ponder that I'll be listing my favourite ever episodes. What will come out top? Curiosity killed the cat*...

*this lame joke was inserted to fit in with the theme of today's blog.

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