Monday, 25 July 2011

Thundercats Week: Day One

The remake of Thundercats arrives on Cartoon Network this Friday, with snazzy effects, anime graphics and a epic grandeur which puts its originator somewhat in the shade. But there's a lot to be said for nostalgia, and whether this new version can capture the hearts of its faithful audience remains to be seen. The 1980s cartoon had a charm and an innocence combined with a real sense of adventure and imagination that made it so successful, and a story that few fans forget.

I've been watching the original series on DVD recently (a purchase I've wanted to make for a long time) and 80 episodes later I might as well add an worthwhile and interesting blog to justify living as a ten year old for the past few weeks. Curiously, Series 1 was the only series to be shown here in the UK (on the BBC); series 2-4 and the mini film Thundercats Ho! were never distributed over here. Which means everything else I've got to see will be brand new, just as the remake will be on Friday. So bearing in mind I'm up to date with all the events that happened on Third Earth, I've put together my own little guide for all wannabe cats out there. Today it's the Heroes vs Villains.

Top 5 Goodies

5. Wily-Kit
Cooler, braver, and more capable than her useless brother

4. Tygra
I have a new found respect for Tygra, who is actually hilarious.

 3. Nayda
She got to swing through trees! And didn't whine like Willa.

2. Snow Meow
Almost as cute as a dire wolf on Game of Thrones.


1. Cheetara
Because I'm a girl and she was ACE, alright?

Top 5 Baddies

5. Safari Joe
"... DOES IT AGAIN!!!111"

4.The Driller
Oh, Driller. Always seduced by the shiny diamonds.

3. Mongor
Because he was actually one of the best villains they ever fought.

2. Mum-raa
He was great, but he should have got used to his ugly face.

1. Vultureman
Sarcastic, shrewd, and a genius: the most underrated of them all.

Tomorrow I'm looking at kick-ass inventions and the deadliest weapons. Yes, this is actually going on all week.

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