Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Thundercats Week: Day Three

When Thundera exploded after months of chaos and fighting (yes, I know my stuff), the Thundercats escaped in a spaceship (and in time capsules) and landed on the closest planet before their fuel ran out - Third Earth. Throughout the first season, our heroes set up home in their new surroundings, coming across friendly and fearsome creatures along the way, and mapping out their own coordinates and places of interest - see amazing reconstruction (ahem) above. I was always overjoyed with the imagination of the writers who constructed this place in their own minds - it's what sticks in your head when you're little. Third Earth - every kid's dream holiday destination! Here are my memorable places and inhabitants.

Top 5 Places

5. Tree Top Kingdom
Home to the warrior maidens, and also some of the coolest looking swing rope bridges I have ever seen.

4. Cat's Lair
It was good and all, but it lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. Plus when the cat's head rolled about it was kinda freaky.

3. The Black Pyramid

Mum-raa's pyramid is generally a bit dull, but during the Trial of Evil it opens up to all new levels. The play on Charon and the River Styx is fab.

2. Tower of Traps
Like Knightmare on Third Earth, but instead of flying on a dragon to get to Level 2 there's gargoyles on the roof instead.

1. Castle Plun-darr

I love a good spooky castle. I'd live here instead of Cat's Lair any day. Trapdoors! Dungeons! Stone spiral staircases! Drawbridge! Etc Etc

Top 5 Beings

5. Berbils
If you were new to Thundercats, these ineligible living robot teddybears would probably unsettle you somewhat.

4. The Arrietta Bird
If a nightingale bred with a goose, who then started reading too many girly magazines and buying glitter and false eyelashes

3. Crab Men
They were so incredibly dumb they were actually a bit cute! They'd be well annoying as pets, though.

2. The Vortex

Cheating slightly here, but it is sort of "alive". It was one of the earliest things I remember about Thundercats as it was featured in the 1985 annual. YES I HAD THE ANNUAL ALRIGHT.

1. Black Widow Shark

If you think about it, this concept is actually pretty clever. But in reality - srsly, what the fuck is that thing?!

Tomorrow we get funky with actual video clips. Hopefully. Some of the show's best plot holes and moral lessons to come.

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