Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Thundercats Week: Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of Thundercats week on culturemouse. Today I'm going to be looking at some of the best inventions and weapons used by the characters on the show. This is mainly just a chance for me to daydream about how fun it would have been to own any of these, and go on a rampage... and thus prove what an utter nutcase I really am.

Top 5 Weapons

5. Superpower Potion 
Vultureman could have beaten the Thundercats with this - but then goes and makes a deal with Mum-raa. The buffoon.

4. Monkian's Shield
Monkian had some of the best weapons, including his magic blue orbs (though technically Mum-raa's). His best was this vomiting shield, though.

3. Bolo Whip
Was there anything this whip couldn't do? Besides lasso-ing, damaging objects and turning Tygra invisible, it seemed to shoot out water one episode!

2. Warp Gas
This stuff was ingenious, but used so painfully little by Slithe! It could turn you insane, enraged, cowardly and hysterical from one moment to the next.

1. Thunderkittens Pellets
They could create huge inflatable dinosaurs! Come on, who doesn't want that?!

Top 5 Machines

5. Hercules
Quite frankly, who wouldn't want to travel around in a giant mechanical frog that's also got the cutest face? AND protects the ocean.

 4. Warbot
Virtually unstoppable except for its achilles heel... or stop button underneath its right foot. D'oh!

3. Thundertank
Good, but not the best. Still amazes me how Panthro managed to devise a new feature coincidentally when they needed it.
2. Space Boards
Totally cooler than the Thundertank. These just looked friggin' awesome. Nuff said! 

1. Skycutter
Oh, how I so desperately wanted a skycutter when I was younger. Christmas this year, yeah?

Creatures and places of Third Earth you ask? Why, pop back here tomorrow and I'll show you some. Including the most hilarious mammal you will have ever not-thought of.


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