Sunday, 21 August 2011


So I'm a bit rammed with Top Models at the moment: New Zealand is about to finish; Britain and Ireland has just properly got going after the pointless and dull X-Factor style auditions; America (all stars!) will be underway shortly, and Australia has just started up again.

Australia's Next Top Model has always been my favourite - two of its winners have been some of my favourite contestants throughout the whole franchise (Cycle 1's Gemma and Cycle 4's Demelza - I might steal Demelza as a future child's name) and the quality compared to the other countries - not just in models but in challenges, designers, stylists, fashion-shoots, abroad destinations, photographers, prizes... well, EVERYTHING, is outstanding. AUSNTM was the first show which offered the winner the front cover of Vogue.

This year however things have upped the ante yet again. Perhaps all the publicity from the embarrassing cock-up that was last year's live finale (where host Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner) has actually benefited the show, as it seems to have had a major upheaval in its bank account. After whittling 100 girls down to 20 in episode 1, they were all told they would be flown to Paris for the next stage of the competition, to compete in a challenge and a photoshoot that would determine the Final 16. Paris in Week Two?! Amaze!

And when they got to Paris, they took part in the most expensive and luxurious couture photoshoot in top model history: everything from Gucci, to Galliano, to Louboutin, flown in from all over the world, to be shot in the beautiful rooms of the Chateau de Vuax le Vicomte. THIS IS EPISODE TWO PEOPLE.

This year there are two contestants who I just adore. So much so I'm having to do a culturemouse first and write about them immediately. I loved them both in Week 1 when they did their first initial catwalks and photoshoots, but after Week 2 when I got to see them properly perform an editorial shoot, I was just speechless by how beautiful they were. Sort of in a trance really...I can see myself ferociously hanging onto them every week and fawning over them and sobbing hysterically if they get eliminated (I take it all very seriously).

These two stunning ladies are Madeline:

(I think it's the Eva Green look that's doing it for me), and Izzy:

who is just divine and I WANT her pink and blue hair! She's like a perfect sized modelesque pick'n'mix sweet.

You can see the rest of the Final 16 here, and all the photos from the most expensive photoshoot in top model history here

Also, I could never afford this dress but I want it so much I might cry.

Australia's Next Top Model continues Mondays on FOX 8.

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