Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Foiled :-(

Hello culturemouse readers.

Apologies if there have been no updates lately - this is due to the fact that my house was burgled last week and the bastard thieves stole my laptop.

So whilst I am waiting for a replacement (I may have lost the most valuable thing I own and 8 years worth of stuff but I will damn well get a cool gadget out of this) - which may take a couple of weeks - I'll try and do as much as I can from work. The Friends With Benefits review will definitely be forthcoming as that was written already from Movie Con (and is actually brilliant fun, go and see it), but other things will be slower arriving I'm afraid. 

It all SUCKS in honesty. I was going to do a Venice preview and a Toronto preview, but just don't have the resources to do that at the moment. Please check out what's showing here in Italy, and here in Canada. I also have reviews for Kill List, Arrietty, The Art of Getting By, One Day and The Skin I Live In pending, but you may not get these until the next millennia. Also the new US TV season is but days away and at the moment I have no way of watching any of it..... :-(

Yes you can send me all your chocolates now. You know mice prefer these to cheese.

culturemouse x

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