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2011: A Year of Lists

Hello. It's the end of the year! Well, it sort of was. A few days ago.

Time to get serious with lists, alright. I love this time of year because it's time to take stock of the last 12 months and everything you've eye-goggled vies for top spot in your list of the best things evah. I also love lists. They're ace. I especially love ranking lists. I gobble up any countdowns at this time of year as I'm just curious to see what everyone else is enjoying and secretly slag them and their ridiculous choices off. And of course once I've finished doing all that, I like to make my own. So here are some culturemouse lists of 2011: film first, then a bit of TV. And after all that you can tell me what a loon I am and secretly slag me and my ridiculous choices off. Hurrah!

films: big screen stuff

Top 5 performances

5. Owen Wilson, Midnight in Paris
4. Michael Shannon, Take Shelter
3. Tilda Swinton, We Need To Talk About Kevin
2. Colin Firth, The King’s Speech
1. Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Who else but the Oscar winner? Watch here as she finally masters the Black Swan:

Top 5 openings

5. Drive
4. 127 Hours
3. Sleeping Beauty
2. Little White Lies
1. Scream 4

My favourite opening scene of the year is definitely the wittiest. And yes, I just can't get enough of gruesome twosome Aria and Annie getting sliced'n'diced.

Top 5 endings 

5. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
4. Midnight in Paris
3. Black Swan
2. Take Shelter
1. Another Earth

It's that amazing moment where Another Earth becomes one of the best films of the year. No I'm not going to show it here!

Top 5 film soundtracks

5. Take Shelter
4. 127 Hours
3. We Need To Talk About Kevin
2. Drive
1. Heartbeats

Drive is everybody's fave, but they're all wrong - Heartbeats pips it for coolness alone. Just listen to this, and get drawn in all over again.

Top 5 complete overreactions

5. Sucker Punch (just for the OTT hatred)
4. Cave of Forgotten Dreams
3. Blue Valentine
2. The Tree of Life
1. Source Code

One of the most over-hyped and overly boring films of the year, Source Code has done criminally well for itself. I wholeheartedly shrug - perhaps I'm living in a parallel universe.

Top 5 trailers

If it came out this year it's going on the list..

5. Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy

 4. The Woman in Black

3. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

2. We Need To Talk About Kevin

1. Like Crazy

Oh dear...still makes me cry when I watch it! It's an absolutely gorgeous trailer, though.

Top 5 cries (film)

5. Arrietty and her family leave their home, Arrietty
4. The Funeral, Little White Lies
3. Pretty much everything after Emma dies!, One Day
2. Preparing for the operation, 50/50
1. Rhoda gives her ticket to John, Another Earth

You know it's definitely uncontrollable when you have to restrain from making a noise...

Top 5 scenes

5. Awkward dinner, Heartbeats
4. Outed!, Little White Lies
3. Dali, Midnight in Paris
2. The King’s speech, er, The King’s Speech
1. "There's a storm coming and not one of you is prepared for it", Take Shelter

One of the most powerful scenes in my recent memory, the moment in the soup kitchen where Michael Shannon finally flips is shattering to watch.

Top 5 Natalie films of 2011*
*this will never happen again in the history of the universe so I better do it now. Plus she has NO films out in 2012 so just excuse me whilst I go put on some crazy eye make up and cry it all over my face

5. Your Highness
4. Love and Other Impossible Pursuits**
3. No Strings Attached
2. Thor
1. Black Swan

**still sitting unwatched on my DVD shelf after randomly seeing it in HMV during Christmas shopping ("when was this released?!") but I'm guessing it falls between the tripe of Your Highness and the cutsey No Strings Attached.

Top 5 crushes (apart from Natalie of course) 

5. Jim Sturgess
A charming rogue in One Day (mmm, stubble)

4. Felicity Jones 
This girl is absolutely stunning, as both a Chalet Girl and when she's Like Crazy

3. Anton Yelchin
And her Like Crazy co-star ain't bad either, even when he's fighting 21st century vampires in Fright Night

2. Kat Dennings
She's just incredibly hot, end of. And deadpan hilarious in Thor (and 2 Broke Girls).

1. Jason Momoa
It could be no one else, could it? Whilst he provided the only redeeming feature in the Conan remake, he was at his best (and sexiest) as Dothraki leader Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. Slurp.

And now the big one...

TOP 10 FILMS OF 2011
10. The Artist
9. The King's Speech
8. Little White Lies
7. Tangled
6. Arrietty
5. Midnight in Paris
4. Senna
3. Heartbeats
2. Take Shelter
1. Black Swan

TV: small screen stuff

Best opening credits

It's hard to get a good theme song these days, without the title of the show just appearing with a couple of seconds of non-music before disappearing again (thanks Lost. Remember the days of Buffy or Charmed?). But there have been a few goodies this year...

5. ANTM Cycle 17: All Stars
New song for Cycle 17 - instead of "you wanna be on top?" we get grunge disco. And it's messy.

4. Pretty Little Liars (the Halloween edition)
This is one of the best themes on TV anyway, but nice to see a little extra blood for the special Halloween episode earlier this year.

3. Game of Thrones
So, I didn't even realise the credits change every week depending on which sites of Westeros are featured in the episode. Amazing!It's epic too, at nearly two minutes long. Gets me excited every time.

2. American Horror Story 
Oh God, I love these opening credits! They're just freaky as hell, and a perfect way to get into the batshit crazy mindset that is AHS. I also love how Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott alternated first heading each week as well.

1. New Girl
But this is my favourite of the year - only because I spent half my non-concentrating time unconsciously singing it. It's so infectious! Sometimes they only use the short version and then I get cross, so here's the full one for your ears and eyes. Sorry, it'll be in your head for the rest of the day now... ah well, I'll join in. Heyyyy guuuuurl, watcha doin'...?

Favourite new Fall show:

5. Ringer (Revenge came very close but I went with SMG)
4. Once Upon A Time
3. New Girl
2. American Horror Story
1. 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls just pipped AHS to the post, which is no mean feat. But I heart Max and Caroline so much I physically miss the show when it goes away! This scene had me practically lolling around on the floor.

Top 5 let downs

5.Pan Am
4. Grimm
3. The Secret Circle
2. 90210
1. Terra Nova

I think this is the moment when I hated Steven Spielberg. I don't want a boring family drama with unlikable characters and thinly veiled Lost callouts. Give me proper dinosaurs! The worst part is we know he can.

Top 5 cries (TV)

5. The 2 Broke Girls give up Chestnut, 2 Broke Girls
4. Chuck lets Blair go, Gossip Girl
3. Ned loses his head/Daenerys puts down her husband, Game of Thrones (both scenes are hugely emotional to watch)
2. Nathan's farewell party, Angry Boys
1. Goodbye Bobby, Supernatural

They kill off Bobby, for frig's sake! I watched this episode on a train and had to pause it several times to regain my composure so I wouldn't start bawling in front of the guy sitting next to me. Ouch. It's a beautiful send off, though. But jeez, why did he have to die now?

Top 5 characters in TV 

5. Spencer, Pretty Little Liars
4. Constance, American Horror Story
3. Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones
2. Dean Winchester, Supernatural
1. Schmidt, New Girl

Zooey Deschanel may have bagged the Golden Globe nod, but Max Greenfield's Schmidt is the best thing about the quirky comedy. He has just blossomed as a character - I love his OCD ways and his cardigans. And when he fights.

Top 5 couplings

5. Dean & Cas, Supernatural
Even though Cas has hardly been in Season 7, his death hit Dean hard (I loved when he picks up the trench coat from the lake).

4. Jess & Paul, New Girl
I was soooo excited when I saw Justin Long pop up on this show as Jess's boyfriend (the role play scene is just genius). But cross they've now cut him out. Hmph. 

3. Dair, Gossip Girl
Dan and Blair have been amazing this season, and it's been tough watching the writers push her path in a different direction. Here's hoping all the fan love will get through to them...
2. Max & Caroline, 2 Broke Girls
These two are adorable - Caroline is so chirpy and positive, and Max is so deadpan and cynical. I love watching them together and all the crazy scrapes they get into. Plus, gotta keep up with that cupcake fund.
1. Daenerys & Khal Drogo, Game of Thrones
Super couple! These two got to me so much throughout the first season of GoT - they quickly became my favourite characters and I was devastated when Mr Drogo had to die. Tragic love is always the hardest. 'My moon and stars..' sob sob.

Top 5 WTF moments

5. No case closed on AMC'S The Killing
4. Supernatural has a wedding (barf)
3.Gossip Girl stages a Princess Di car crash... oh yes, they went there
2. All (that I saw) of 90210's Season 4
1. Tyra sucks Tyson Beckford’s thumb on America's Next Top Model All Stars

Pretty much all of All Stars was a WTF moment, but none more so than the bizarre motion editorial for Tyra's, uhm, novel 'Modelland'. The main character, Tookie (!) manages to get into the most privileged but mysterious modelling school in the world, which is on top of a mountain and the girls turn into cats or some crazy ass bullshit. Anyway, here's the disturbing moment when Tookie, played by Tyra, flirts with Tyson Beckford. I have warned you.

You can seriously buy the book here. It exists!

Top 5 HELL YEAH/OMG moments

5. Angelea is dsq from America's Next Top Model All Stars
4. Ringer kills off Gemma
3. Sofia’s a Walking Dead
2. Dragons! Dragons! on Game of Thrones
1. American Horror Story

Has to have the top spot as most of Season 1 was twist upon twist upon twist - sometimes it would feel like seven series had gone by and we're still on the same episode. A clever, eerie show where two OMG moments stand out the most: Tate is revealed as the Rubber Man, and Violet's a ghost.

Wish I could bring you some AHS clips but F/X are buggers. You must watch the whole series immediately!

And now the Top 10...

10. Ringer
9. Once Upon A Time
8. Supernatural
7. The Walking Dead
6. Gossip Girl
5. New Girl
4. Pretty Little Liars
3. American Horror Story
2. 2 Broke Girls
1. Game of Thrones

Add any of your lists below, if you're so inclined...

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