Sunday, 29 January 2012

Gossip Girl's 100th Episode

We're halfway through Season 5 and now Gossip Girl has hit the 100th episode mark. Not one to let this opportunity pass them by, the show's creators and producers have planned very carefully for the landmark episode to be the showcase for one of the biggest events yet: Blair's wedding to Louis. There's no denying Season 5 of Gossip Girl has been the best since Season 2, making it my most improved show of the year. Even Nate got interesting, jeeez. But the last couple of episodes have clearly suffered as being fodder for the main event which takes place tomorrow on the CW. If this is the bombshell/game changer episode that everyone and his mother has been hyping it up to, I'll gladly forget that we had a whole plot revolving around a pact with God. And a conniving priest.

A lot has been said about the 100th episode. Let's recap, shall we?

1. There's a 1950s extravaganza dream sequence
Gossip Girl has had some great fantasies throughout the years courtesy of the crazy thoughts going around in Blair Waldorf's head, but this one may take the biscuit in terms of pure spectacle - as everyone's involved! Serena in the guise of Marilyn Monroe takes spotlight singing Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend with backing vocals from Nate, Chuck, Dan and Louis, before Blair - donned as her favourite Audrey Hepburn - shows up and there appears to be, bizarrely, some tug-o-war over Dan. Could this be a Serena dream?

2. Blair's wedding dress was nicer when she was preggers
Vera Wang was chosen to be the chief designer for Blair's big day (she popped up a couple of episodes ago at Blair's final fitting). Blair already had a dress all made for her, but that was bearing in mind she would be four months pregnant, and after losing the baby in the crash (yawn) the dress in question becomes too "difficult" to wear, so she asks Vera to make her a new one. Which isn't as lush. Boo.

For Better
For Worse

A few things can be said about the bridesmaids dresses as well - also designed by Wang, and which you can buy as part of her 2012 collection, apparently.Serena, as Maid of Honour, gets her own special dress for the occasion.

3. Cyrus is amazing
Wallace Shawn plays one of my favourite characters on GG - he's just the cuddliest dad ever. But it's both of Blair's dads who walk her down the aisle, as she can't choose one over the other. But apparently Cyrus gets a great Princess Bride reference in this episode. Me hopes something goes terribly awry with the wedding (well, duh) leading him to cry "innnnnconceivable!"

4. The real Charlie Rhodes pops up
One of the best things about Season 5 has been the Charlie/Ivy storyline, and of course the real one was bound to turn up sooner or later (coincidentally living in NY all this time, snort). It's actually more interesting without having Ivy around too. Although don't expect a reveal for about, oh, probably another 100 episodes.

5. Georgina's back!
And in cahoots with Chuck it seems, to ruin Blair's wedding. And with Georgina, her plots for revenge and payback are never dull, or straightforward. Just why does she need to don the holy robes?

6. Those are not my vows
As revealed in the last episode, Blair gets all gooey over Louis' vows which she found hidden in one of her drawers (quite). She loves the fact he actually understands her, as well as loves her. But then it's revealed it's actually Dan who wrote the vows for Louis, as seen later when he sends him a thank you note and book ("The Outsider" - harsh) in the post. I'm sorry, but that is all kinds of wrong and another reason why Louis has absolutely no one rooting for him whatsoever. It's the awful accent and wooden acting mainly, but he's also a bit of a twat.

7. It's all about Serena... again
So the fake relationship between Dan and Serena continues into the wedding (even I'm confused as to why they're doing this again) and Dan is irked that everyone seems to think they are actually dating. Then Serena lets slip she may have done something a "bit bad"... can't she just have a quiet day for once whilst her best friend gets married? Ugh.

8. Will Chair happen?
Chuck is definitely going to the wedding, but he also visits Blair beforehand as well. As she so clearly walks up the aisle in the promo footage, his pre-wedding speech doesn't stop her. But perhaps a classic mid-ceremony "I don't believe these people should be joined in holy matrimony!" might do the trick? The producer has already told us: "Blair and Chuck are not over."

But perhaps the thing that is most watchable about this episode will be the big twist, the big reveal, the big game change, the moment that will make everyone gasp and change the lives of the characters forever (until they're changed again in Episode 17... cough). The last moments of the 100th episode are strictly under wraps - believe me, I'm so not bothered I've been trying to look for it all afternoon but can't find out what it is. Apparently it's not to do with the nuptials, so not anything as simple as Blair runs away from the altar and abandons the ceremony. And if it's to do with Blair's baby it will be especially lame. The producers have stated that the thing is something that "just had to happen" in the 100th episode. My guess of what would be utterly awesome? Gossip Girl herself turns up at the wedding. Helloooo Kristen Bell! But she's on House of Lies so that's never gonna happen.

Gossip Girl episode 100 "GG" airs tomorrow.

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