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Yup it's that time of year again - frenzied US TV pilot season, where promising new shows fight to get Network Executive attention, and push out any dead meat still clinging onto their precious time slot. Last week one of the biggest wobblers Fringe was guaranteed safety as Fox handed them a final season run in 2013. But there are a number of other shows on the bubble - most notably Ringer at the CW and Awake on NBC - who won't hear their fate until the upfronts in a couple of weeks. This is also when the pilots, which I'll be discussing in further detail over the course of this week, will find out whether they have picked up for a full season run.

A few notes before I get started: 
  • one absence this year will be CBS, who quite categorically have nothing of interest at all this year to offer, so I won't be previewing any of their slate. Believe you me I read the proposals twice in depth in the hope of finding a glimmer of anything, but to no effect. And as you will know, I'm not the biggest fan of CBS and their output anyway (except for 2 Broke Girls which is amazing).
  • Fox's line up this year is also very poor, but I've managed to find one project of interest, so Fox will be thrown in with "All The Rest".
  • Off the Network, as well as HBO (which gets its own post as the shows in development there are of a staggering quality) I'm also going to be previewing shows on Showtime (which I ignored last year and missed Homeland - oops), and Netflix which is new to this section. Over here, Netflix is just the new VOD competitor to LoveFilm, but in America Netflix is huge - not only the biggest source of rental and streaming content, but so big now it actually premieres new content and commissions new series, so that is why it's going to be included this year. Also a quick note to say Netflix will be showing in full, and instantly, the resurrected Arrested Development new season in 2013, in time for the film which will be hitting cinemas in the Summer (tbc). Woop!
  • There's the odd show which I will be previewing which has not got a definite title yet (bit late in the game!) but I will highlight this, and change whenever it is announced.

More on which current shows are up for cancellation here.

And this year's upfronts will take place on the following dates:

May 14          NBC
May 14          Fox
May 15          ABC
May 16          CBS
May 17          The CW

Time to get started!

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