Monday, 30 April 2012

US PILOTS 2012/3: The CW

Every time - something keeps luring me back to this channel! Though the only programme I invested any time in last year was Ringer, and that's sure to be cancelled in the next couple of weeks. There's at least another show up for the chop too (will most likely be Nikita) which means they're going to need some fresh new crops. Let's have a look at what they have to chew over...

Beauty and the Beast
Tell me now: A modern day love story based on the famous fairy tale (and CBS series from the 1980s), this new take has a "procedural twist".
And who's in it: Beauty is Kristin Kruek (pictured, from Smallville) and the Beast will be Jay Ryan (Terra Nova, and lots of episodes of Neighbours). Also set to star is Brian White (The Shield), Nicole Gale Anderson, Max Brown (The Tudors), and Austin Basis (Ghost... GHOSTFACERS!).
Should I care?: Eh, probably not - the cast aren't much to write home about and "procedural twist" sends shivers through my fur. The ABC version sounds much more promising, as this has a certain whiff of a bad film from last year about it. Still, if it gets picked up you'll know I'll be watching for at least the first few episodes.

The Carrie Diaries
Tell me now: Based on the books by Sex and the City author Candance Bushnell, this traces the younger life of its major star Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager in NYC in the 1980s.
And who's in it: Playing a young Carrie/SJP will be AnnaSophia Robb, who has been in a tonne of films from Tim Burton's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (she was bubblegummer Violet) to last year's Soul Surfer. Joined by Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who), Austin Butler (Life Unexpected), Brendan Dooling, Ellen Wong (Scott Pilgrim), and Matt Letscher (Eli Stone), who plays her father.
Should I care?: I never watched SATC (feel like I'm saying that a lot at the moment!) but I'm all for teenagers in NYC wearing beautiful clothes and having angst with one another... sounds a lot like Gossip Girl, doesn't it? Well don't be too surprised when this is quickly picked up for series, runs alongside a finale season of GG next year so it's in prime position to take it's place come 2013/4. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are producing too...

Tell me now: A female production assistant on a popular TV show begins to realise the avid fans of the show are resorting to extreme methods to practice story lines in real life - behaviour that has led to a series of disappearances and a possible murder.
And who's in it: Jessica Lucas (pictured brunette, Melrose Place 2.0) will star as the production assistant, alongside Alona Tal (pictured blonde, Supernatural), Matt Davis (The Vampire Diaries), and Robert Knepper (Prison Break).
Should I care?: This also comes courtesy of the Schwartz/Savage duo, as well as Rockne S O'Bannon (who did Farscape, randomly). It nearly didn't make the list, but there's just something intriguing about it that I can't shake. I like both Alona Tal and Jessica Lucas, and as long as it doesn't descend into something utterly ridiculous - this is The CW and it's called Cult - it might be worth watching. If it's picked up, of course.

The Selection
Tell me now: Set 300 years in the future, a young girl is chosen by lottery to take part in a competition to become the new Queen of her war-torn nation.
And who's in it: Aimee Teegarden (90210, Scre4m), Sean Patrick Thomas (Ringer), Ethan Peck (10 Things I Hate About You) and Peta Sergeant (the upcoming Nazis on the moon flick, Iron Sky).
Should I care?:
Yes alright, alright, it's The Hunger Games (meets The Bachelor, apparently!). But this is exactly what I would have wanted for the Suzanne Collins novel - I think it would have worked so much better as a TV series, giving us a chance to really invest in the characters rather than cram it into a couple of hours. The Selection is also based on a series of (as yet unpublished) books, by Kiera Class and I think it's the most exciting of all The CW's projects. Fingers crossed it's not too ambitious!

Tell me now:
Following a group of young workers at a historic New England summer resort, caring for the needs of their guests as well as navigating their own problems with one another.
And who's in it:
Malese Jow, Trent Ford (both The Vampire Diaries), Zachary Abel (Make it or Break it), Eko Darville, Hannah New and Elizabeth Henstridge (all pictured).
Should I care?:
Again, this doesn't sound too enticing and could end up being the same old we see again and again at The CW. But it's Mark Schwahn's next project after One Tree Hill finished up earlier this year, and with JJ Abrams down as executive producer, this might just have enough clout behind it to get a full series run, and then we'll see if it can sustain it.

I'm already looking forward to tomorrow - it's HBO time!

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  1. The only thing that sounds good is The Selection, having Aimee Teegarden is icing.