Sunday, 19 August 2012

I'm Back Brats!

Sorry to just call you all brats. It's a thing (above).

So you may (or not) have noticed there has been absolutely nothing happening on the blog for nearly three months. I apologise for this, and can only blame doing proper grown up-py things, like planning a wedding, and then getting married, and then go on a massive holiday to recover, and then realising you have to go back to work, and marriage wasn't actually a portal into a new parallel universe where only parties and cakes and people doting on you all the time exist. Oh, and the Olympics happened.

But now I am back, and in true quick-let's-get-it-over-with style, and I will putting up a plethora of back catalogue film reviews in miniature, catalogued fashion in the next couple of days - the Summer blockblusters, the hidden away indies, and the (surprisingly for this time of year) horror films. Of which one is actually relevant as it is not out until LATER THIS YEAR.

There are also some other sight changes to the blog - Filmdar now appears on the right hand column of the main page, with links to the trailers. They are in choronological order. Watch out for September when it will run all the way down the page's footer there are so many films out. Nataliedar has been retired, not because my love has dwindled, but because she will be taking on less projects in the immediate future as she has also been doing grown up-py things (I like the fact we both got married within weeks of each other). TVDar still exists, and the Fall trailers are now beginning to pop up online so keep checking back for updates.

The biggest change has been merging all of my reviews from other blogs and film sites onto culturemouse to create a huge conglomeration of film reviews, rather like when you open lots of packets of Chewits and then individually soften each one and then pummel them altogether to make a massive Chewits ball and then bite into it... nope, no-one? Film A-Z is now born, so if I've seen a film since approx 2008 and reviewed it, then here it will be for you to read. You'll have to forgive my younger self for such appalling 'writing' and use of exclamation marks, but gotta keep it realz, y'know? My 22 year old self meant well.

There's some really exciting stuff coming up in the next few months, including Venice, Toronto, Raindance, London and Leeds, not to mention specific releases and then there's all the wonderful TV going on simultaneously. I will try to bring it you all as much as I can, but in the meantime, I'll work on getting up to date and just thanking God that no one put any traps down whilst I was gone.

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